WOR(l)D Global Network – Power Clouds Wins The Solar Awards 2014

Fabio Galdi, CEO, WOR(l)D Global Network


Direct Selling leader Power Clouds crowned as Business Project Development champion and inspiring leading voice within the solar industry.

Other important key players in the industry such as Panasonic, PERC Production Solutions, LG Electronics, SolarEdge Technology and Rexel have been chosen as outstanding examples of innovation in photovoltaic systems

With a proven track record in project management counting over 53,000  participants in more than 110 countries, 15 shared power plants for a total value of $60 million Power Clouds (www.powerclouds.com) has been awarded the prestigious “Business Project Development” award given by the Solar Industry Award (www.solarinternationalawards.net).

Working in line with the principles of the Global Compact of United Nations, Power Clouds owes its success to the partnership with WOR(l)D Global Network (https://home.worldgmn.com), one of the most innovative businesses in the Direct Selling industry.

The prestigious prize, which crowns champions in the solar industry in Europe and beyond, was collected by Power Clouds  CEO Mr. Roberto Forlani on Tuesday 23rd of September in Amsterdam at The Grand Hotel (Power Clouds wins the Solar Industry Award 2014).


Roberto Forlani, Power Clouds CEO (on the left) | Alfonso Galdi WOR(l)D Global Network CFO (on the right)

Roberto Forlani, Power Clouds CEO (on the left) | Alfonso Galdi WOR(l)D Global Network CFO (on the right)]

Solar Energy Award manager Jackie Cannon stated that

These awards have been created to recognise the whole value chain and those people, products and services that will develop innovative manufacturing and product approaches that have the potential to change the way we live.

Only a few days ago, on 13 September, Power Clouds CEO along with Romanian officials visited the fourth and the fifth solar plant in Nucet, implementing the company’s business development plan in Romania The event marked a strategic cooperation between Power Clouds and the local population as well as local institutions (A memorable Power Clouds day in Nucet).


Mr. Roberto Forlani, who has been the executive mind and soul of the project argues that ‘’Power Clouds, despite its brief history on the market and fierce competition with important competitors, has been chosen as archetype of Business Project Development given its impressive portfolio and visionary leadership in the world.


With impressive numbers, facts and figures Power Clouds establishes itself to be one of the biggest solar energy producers in the world, implementing the most ambitious business project ever conceiveZon the market’’.

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