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Dr. Stephen Scherer,Younique


Younique Genomics, Canada’s first lifestyle genomics research institute, is pleased to announce that its co-founder, Dr. Stephen Scherer, who is also the director of The Centre for Applied Genomics, at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, has received the esteemed accolade of being included on a list of potential winnersof the 2014 Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology.

Compiled by the international media conglomerate Thomson Reuters, the list is highly authoritative with one in four researchers on the list going on to win the world’s most prestigious award for medical research.

World-renowned for his groundbreaking research in genomics, Dr. Scherer says he is “hugely honored to be on a list with so many giants of science.” Dr. Scherer’s co-founder at Younique, Dr. Mansoor Mohammed, was an active collaborator with him in his early research, creating the technology platform necessary to discover genomic copy-number variations, more commonly known as CNVs, the genetic phenomenon at the core of Dr. Scherer’s potentially Nobel-cited research.

‘Dr. Mohammed and I first began collaborating over 13 years ago on the use of genomic technologies he pioneered, and which became the impetus for my discovery of CNVs. I am incredibly happy to see the fruition of our work. Founding Younique Genomics with Dr. Mohammed is a culmination and tribute to the years we have worked together’, noted Dr. Scherer.

CEO and co-founder of Younique Genomics, Dr. Mohammed, noted, ‘I could not be happier for Dr. Scherer, save seeing him win the Noble Prize. Steve reinforces the world-class caliber of Canadian research, and as a fellow Canadian, scientist, and most of all, friend, I am incredibly proud of him’.

About Younique Genomics

Younique Genomics is a lifestyle genomics research institute focused on deploying the highest standards of genomic testing and insights to better understand the human form and function at the individual level.

Founded by a team of individuals who have contributed to some of the most revolutionary and transformative insights in modern medical genomics, their mission is to provide healthcare practitioners with the most up-to-date genetic information to help their patients make better informed lifestyle decisions. 

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