Leadership Interview With Visalus’ 1-Star Ambassadors Lattoia Andrews & Cornelius Massey

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Lattoia Andrews & Cornelius Massey speak about their “all in” mindset and how the possibility of reaching the $250K Lifetime Earnings mark was closer than ever.

Today, they’re past that goal and still rising. 

What does it mean to be $250K Vi Lifetime Earners?

Lattoia & Cornelius: It’s an amazing feeling. It shows our hard work… but most importantly it means that for every dollar we’ve earned, someone else’s life was impacted, someone else on our team is one step closer to hitting his or her Challenge goal, and someone else is one step closer to generating additional income. It’s not just about the earnings, but whose life are you looking to impact? 

How has achieving this milestone made an impact on your Vi business?

L&C: Hitting this milestone is truly a blessing, and it has inspired so many people that it can be done. We were just regular individuals with a military background, but we had a hunger for more and helping others. We went all in. We’ve been able to show people that the possibilities are endless when you dedicate as much effort as possible to something you believe in. Belief plus action will always equal results! 

What other ways are you going ‘all-in’? How have you influenced your team to do the same? 

L&C: We’ve traveled to different regions with our leaders to ‘Close the Month’ personally with our team. We’ve also opened our home on a daily and weekly basis to help everyone on our team hit their PROJECT 10™ Challenge goals and Promoter goals.

We’re also ‘pigging out’ [they laugh] on personal development. We want to grow as leaders, but we must first expand our minds in order to help our teams grow! Since the last time we spoke, we joined John C. Maxwell’s LID program. It has helped us develop in areas where we lacked leadership. LID has also helped us understand our teams more, identify different traits, and help us grow together. We’re moving as one unit—like never before! 

What has been one of your favorite aspects of Challenging others?

L&C: Our favorite part about Challenging others is meeting new people and hearing their stories! Everyone’s story is unique. We love the fact that our team not only spans all over the U.S., but it also spans all over the world. We’re always traveling somewhere new, making new experiences and creating new memories! 

What is your next Vi goal?

L&C: We want to help two specific people on our team generate a six-figure income by Challenging others with Vi, and support three other individuals lose over 100 lbs. on their Challenges. 

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