Matt And Leigh Ward Hit 300K With LIMU In Less Than 60 Days

Matt Ward, Limu


Top industry leaders Matt and Leigh Ward from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA are LIMU’s first-ever Promoters to achieve the rank of 300K. 

LIMU announced this new position at their recent LIMU LIVE! event in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Not only were the Wards the first to earn that rank, but they achieved it in less than 60 days. 

“The great thing about The LIMU Experience is that it’s a simple, duplicable system,” Ward says.

“By allowing everyone 6 weeks each month to qualify for new ranks, LIMU made it achievable for us to reach these high ranks in a very short period of time. Kudos to LIMU and of course, to our amazing team, for making it all possible.”

At the 300K rank, LIMU Promoters earn a $30,000 cash bonus — that’s on top of regular commissions and the cash bonuses they have earned at previous ranks: $10,000 at 100K and $20,000 at 200K. And those cash bonuses are only part of the story; LIMU Promoters have the opportunity to earn a total of $730,000 in cash bonuses as they achieve ranks from 100K to 2M.

“It’s exciting to see new Promoters succeeding so quickly at LIMU,” said Gary J. Raser, Founder, President and CEO.

“We have a unique opportunity that people knowledgeable about direct sales see as very different, and our Cash Bonus program is just one factor that sets us apart. We congratulate Matt and Leigh for leading the way as our very first 300K Promoters.”

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