Max International, A Growing Health and Wellness Company, Expands To Africa

Joe Voyticky,Max International,CEO


Max International, an industry leader in the production of wellness and weight-loss supplements and products, has officially launched its operations in Africa through the opening of the Ghana office.

Max International aims to empower people around the world to experience better health, success and significance.

The company also offers more passion, inspiration, stability and community according to its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Joe Voyticky.

At Max International, people can make more than money. We provide three primary benefits – a chance to improve health, enhance your wealth and achieve more through personal development “, he remarked.

Mr. Joe Voyticky said Max International is committed to providing all of its associates with the resources they need to build a successful business.

He also revealed that, the company has created several sales and educational materials custom designed for Associates of all levels of experience who will spearhead the company’s dreams across the globe.

Mr. Voyticky further explained that the company offers Nutrition that is not Available in Africa or Ghana until now, and that they are “doing massive expansion into Africa and you can be the one that overrides this growth and earn fortunes helping us to expand our business.”

He emphasized “We will together build a foundation that will last. We are not in Ghana to exploit the people, or make some money and live, we are here to grow with you and to live and carry people by helping them live their dreams,” he said.

Some of the company’s product include Max One, Max N Fuze, Cellgevity, MaxGXL among others, which have the potency of improving mental clarity and focus, removing harmful toxics in the body, strengthening the immune system, providing critical antioxidants to protect the cells, and help the body function at optimal levels by providing essential vitamins and minerals.

The Chief Executive Officer also spoke about the Max training programme which he describe as an innovative system designed along with top field leaders to distil the best business building practices into simple steps and advice that even the newest Associate can use.

He also explained that in addition to Max’s excellent products, there are two trends that make the company a good investment business. The first of these trends, he indicated, was the health and wellness trend that many people are following.

The second international trend, he pointed out, was the consumer need for network marketing businesses. “This need is illustrated by the inadequacies in public health care. Currently, a growing aging population, the rise of chronic illnesses, and massive budget problems are plaguing public health care systems. Prevention of these problems is just as important as treatment, and Max offers products that may help people live better, healthier lives,” he said.

Other African delegations and the USA represented in a large numbers at the official launch included Nigeria, Togo, Burkina Faso, La Cote D’ivore, Guinea among others

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