Top Industry Leader Chris Reid Joins Preiscoin

Chris Reid, Preiscoin


Preiscoin (PRS) has been making waves in the online opportunity business of late and they have just acquired the services of prominent Canadian Marketer -and former World Taekwon-Do Champion- Chris Reid who is also the head of his own marketing company; Championsway Marketing.

Digital currencies have been of high interest to me for the past few years., said Chris.

I am a fan of Sir Richard Branson and have always believed him to be a pre-eminent business visionary of our generation…and when I read about his feelings towards this new form of currency, my interest only grew

PRS is an online marketing company where members receive a subscription that allows them to generate a brand new Swiss based digital currency called Preiscoins. 

To attach an affiliate program to a product that is actual currency… well…leave it to the Swiss! Chris continued. I have never seen anything like it. The actual product is the equivalent value of the monthly subscription fee.

For 25 CHF, you generate 25 Preiscoins which is appealing enough, but to attach a 3×7 forced matrix where marketers can earn 4% on their entire down line top to bottom is incredible. As the currency spreads around the world, the value of the Preiscoins will be driven upwards, and as the spread happens, marketers will be able to earn commissions.

PRS is a world-wide company and is spreading quickly. The approval of business visionaries like Richard Branson and Bill Gates among others is helping people get into the action….even if they don't fully understand what this new form of currency is. 

Digital currencies are simple in the sense that it is money…people can struggle with the concept trying to over think it. One of the best features of the PRS system is an extremely simple compensation plan. 3 directs qualify you for commissions on your entire 3×7 forced

Matrix. Level 2 pays the same as level 5 so this part is extremely easy to understand so all we need to do is help people understand the value of getting a digital currency in its early stages…

Imagine people who bought Bitcoins for $0.01…they are worth over $400 right now.  So a $100 investment in 2009 would be worth $4 million today. So for savvy marketers, they see a twofold opportunity. The investment potential and of course the easy to understand and easy to qualify for affiliate program 

PRS also features a certified coaching program that offers a chance for marketers to get more in-depth knowledge and also earn significantly more income. PRS, based in Switzerland,  is going to be one to watch.

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