Amway’s Artistry Brand Leverages Digital Cosmetics

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In a rapidly-changing world where new information and scientific data come to light faster than ever, beauty and skincare products continue to evolve.  

Artistry™, one of the world’s top-five largest selling premium skin care brands*, continues to leverage these changes to imagine new technologies and discover new breakthroughs. Through active collaboration and partnerships with universities, scientists and industry leaders, Amway and the Artistry™ brand remain on the forefront of global trends and are achieving transformational advancements in beauty and skincare.        

The future of forward beauty

“Research and advancements in dermatological treatment devices, DNA repair and stem cells are on the cusp of delivering breakthrough benefits to Artistry™ products,” said Dr. Paul Seehra, director of the Amway Asia Beauty Innovation Center.  “And we continue to investigate emerging areas of new science, including studying and monitoring the benefits that microorganisms have on an individual’s skin and overall health.”

Located in Seoul, South Korea, the Asia Beauty Innovation Center (ABIC) supports collaboration with the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.  The ABIC’s presence in Asia is significant because the market accounts for a significant percentage of Artistry™ sales and Seoul is currently the center of pop culture for the region.  In addition to advancing partnerships and research agreements, the location of the ABIC allows Artistry™ research and development (R&D) teams to engage with local customers and discover the latest beauty trends.

One beauty trend gaining momentum is the integration of digital technology into beauty products (for example, facial masks that incorporate technology components).  Many device applications, which at one time were only available at a doctor’s office, are now becoming more accessible for in-home use and are enhancing the customer experience.  Artistry™ R&D continues to look toward future avant-garde devices with groundbreaking efficacy that Amway beauty leaders predict will revolutionize the beauty industry. 

“There is an intersection between beauty, science and digital technology, particularly in Asia,” said Dr. Seehra. “The ABIC is well-connected to a wide-range of regional resources.  In the past year, collaborations with technology companies and scientists have been focusing on packaging and devices in Korea, botanicals and traditional Asian medicines in China, anti-aging and skin-evening ingredients in Japan and new startups in Southeast Asia.”  

In addition to partnerships with universities, scientists and industry leaders, the Artistry™  brand continues to leverage its Scientific Advisory Board.  These collaborations have enriched a complete portfolio of advanced skincare products that incorporate new technologies and include proprietary plant ingredients that target the biological and environmental signs of aging for men and women.

Simple, yet effective, beauty

Anti-aging continues to be the most vital beauty product benefit for women beginning in their mid-30s. To aid the beauty industry’s largest demographic in its crusade against wrinkling, age spots and sagging, Artistry™ products offer a full range of anti-aging benefits in skincare, as well as cosmetics.   

On the other end of the generational spectrum are Millennials.  This group of digital natives, who are under the age of 35, are demanding greater customization and products that multi-task as much as they do.  As a result, all-in-one solutions with multiple benefits have shaped a whole new class of beauty products.    

“Millennials are not interested in multi-step routines.  They want inventive products with many benefits,” said Sumita Butani, global product innovation lead for Amway Beauty.  “What Baby Boomers and Millennials have in common is a demand for simple, yet effective, products that yield visible results, quickly.”

Discovering sustainable beauty

The increasing number of people, from both generations, migrating from rural to urban areas is enhancing the demand for sustainable beauty.  According to the World Health Organization, more than half of the world’s population lives in an urban environment.  This is a trend that is expected to grow nearly two percent each year.** 

“Increased urbanization means more men and women with heightened concerns about the effects that urban pollution and dust have on the skin,” said Maud Pansing, vice president of global beauty for Amway. “These urban dwellers are also demanding personalized, sustainable beauty products that are made from natural ingredients and feature environmentally friendly packaging.”

The Artistry™ brand remains a leader in the movement toward sustainable beauty.  Researchers continue to explore the planet for natural ingredients while product developers discover innovative and sustainable packaging options.     

“Whether it’s using minerals from the Himalayan Mountains, Red Caviar from Norway, antioxidants from Africa or leveraging ingredients from Amway’s organic farms in Mexico, Brazil and the United States, the natural ingredients in Artistry™ products further the discovery of truly sustainable beauty,” said Pansing.      

Complementing global beauty

In addition to urbanization, ongoing globalization and the growth of multi-ethnic populations are challenging the traditional notions of beauty. 

“Artistry™ products are embracing the evolution of global complexions and the progression of regional ideas of beauty,” said Pansing. 

Using its sophisticated, proprietary diagnostic imaging system, Artistry™ R&D has analyzed 162,000 skin tones from around the world.  The result is a unique universal shade palette that truly complements any skin tone.

“Whatever the customer is looking for, whether it’s bronzing in the west, whitening in the east or anything in between, the Artistry™ brand offers highly-personalized products that address the needs of any skin tone in every geographical location,” said Pansing.

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