Avon’s Carrol Bradford Reaches Over $1 Million / Year In Sales, Convinces Husband To Become An ‘Avon Lady’

CARRol Bradford,Avon


One of Australia's most successful businesswomen says she fell into her dream job by complete accident.

Carrol Bradford was offering childcare services from her Brisbane home, when her sister begged her to 'step in' to look after her three Avon clients while she went on holiday.

Eight years on, Carrol boasts a team of 500 staff across the country. A team who helped her turn over $1.5 million in makeup and skincare sales this year alone. 

'I thought I'd try it myself as I needed the extra money and it just grew by word of mouth,' she told Daily Mail Australia. 'At first all I wanted was to get a hundred dollars of orders filled, I never dreamed it would become this big.'

Mrs Bradford, who had never travelled overseas before starting Avon, has since represented the Australian and New Zealand arms of the company at leadership events in Bangkok and Singapore.

'For me, that was a real highlight I think, I'd not been anywhere before,' she said. 

She says a lot of her work has come through referrals and her online store – and through a lot of hard work.

'We still do get-togethers at people's homes but its really not just the little lady coming to the front door anymore.'

Carrol Bradford had never been overseas before she started travelling to represent Avon Australia at industry events in Bangkok and Singapore. This year, she made $1.5 million in sales 

With her success,Mrs Bradford has even been able to convince her husband Greg to become an 'Avon Man'.

When she ended up sick in hospital one day, she had to call on Greg, a full time bricklayer, to make her deliveries for her. 

And he's decided to stay on, delivering products to customers in their Brisbane area on Saturdays. He's now earning the equivalent of his salary as an Avon salesman. 

'He's my Mr Avon,' says Bradford. 'The ladies at the nursing home just love him; he gets offered so many more scones and cups of tea than I ever have – he's actually put on a bit of weight!'

Does he cop a hard time from colleagues in the construction industry? 

'No, well I don't think he tells everyone –  but those that do know think its pretty clever really. And Avon is a lot more than just women's make-up these days,' says Mrs Bradford. 

Bradford says the biggest sellers are skincare products like cleansers and night creams, but that the men's range also does well.  

Her recipe for success? 

'Work hard and look after your customers,' says Mrs Bradford. 'It's true that you only get out what you put in and for me that meant working really hard at it, especially starting out. I set small goals for myself at first, then bigger ones, then bigger ones.'

'The other thing is to know your products: I use all the products and love them and this comes across.' 

A lot also depends on having a good team and Carrol Bradford says hers is amazing.

So what's next for the Bradfords?

Carrol says she and Greg hope to retire in a couple of years and go travelling.  

'But for now, I'm still trying to grow. My team's been number one in Australia for three years running and I'd like it to be 4 years running,' says Mrs Bradford. 'I hope to get to $1.6 million this year. I have to do a little but better than last year don't I?'


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