Lia Sophia Creating Problems As Company Shuts Down

Elena and Tory Kiam,Lia Sophia,Co-Founders


Earlier this month, Lia Sophia abruptly announced that they would be closing their doors. Up until that moment they had been signing individuals up to be distributors. We were one of the first to break the story about the Lia Sophia announcement.

Since the announcement Lia Sophia has posted all of their items at clearance rates. Unfortunately, customers are fuming. The Lia Sophia page is riddled with angry customers who have waited past the quoted shipping time. Customer service is practically non-existant as no phone calls are being answered or returned, emails are going ignored, and a large percentage of customers are still waiting on Christmas orders placed three weeks ago, even though tomorrow is Christmas eve. 

The closure and post handling of the companies collapse is, unfortunately, leaving a bad taste in the mouths of individuals for an industry that's already under a lot of scrutiny. There's very little accountability in said events, leaving customers and distributors very little control over the outcome of their own business. 

Messages to Lia Sophia for a statement have also been ignored by this publication. Posts on their Facebook advertise discounted items and have a 'cheery' tone, but comments under the posts sing a different tune. 

One customer commented under a post on the Facebook page that has not been answered yet, I myself have an outlet order that I made on Dec 3rd from your Canadian site which has not yet been filled and feel in the dark as to how this is being handled and when it really will be sent out.

The question remains; What are the consequences of a company that shuts down and drags their distributors and customers down with them? According to Lia Sophia, the company will officially close its doors at the end of the month and continue fulfilling their orders through February. This, obviously, negates their lifetime replacement warranty on their jewelry pieces.

Lia Sophia has yet to announce or make a statement as to the reason for the company closure.

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