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Collect Emails and Monetize….

That's what Michelangelo Lopez drills to his members of the University of Internet Science. It works for offline businesses, department stores like Macy's and Dillards, and, yes, even Wal Mart.

His 2 hour Pure Content Webinars have been watched by over 20,000 online marketers. He made $900,000 online in 2014 by just collecting emails.

Originally from Cuba – Michelangelo Lopez, 46, now lives in Tampa, Florida,USA, with his wife, 2 kids and 2 dogs.

Michelangelo Lopez is one of the most fun, entertaining, and 'no fluff' educating successful internet marketers in the industry today. While most 'gurus' don't truly teach you what you really need to know he holds nothing back and teaches you exactly what has kept him earning six figures the past 7 years.

Michelangelo's work life revolves around – University of Internet Science.

No doubt about it, the man marches to his own beat. As a preacher's kid he treats his University members as if they are part of his 'church'; nurturing, educating, and uplifting each member, shepherding them in the direction needed in order to succeed.

His philosophy of actually 'bonding' with the real flesh and blood people that make up his list, brought him to the brink of nearly beating one of the top internet marketers online, Mike Filsaime, during a JV contest, placing 2nd in the end with just a few sales short of beating the well known online marketing Goliath.

Actionable duplication is the key to his approach. Ted Nuyten had to honor to interview Michelangelo.

Michelangelo, how does one become a Top Internet Marketer?

First, I want to be quick to say it did not come by chance or in ‘luck’, which I do not believe in. After 8 years earning six figures as a full time Internet Marketer working from home I look back and can pat myself on the back for two things: 1) I’ve never been afraid to spend money on the education needed that would provide the knowledge I would need to cut the ‘learning curve’ in half and 2) I stayed relentlessly FOCUSED on my objectives and goal to succeed as an Internet Marketer no matter what.

I’ve always told my followers ‘If you’re afraid to lose it all you will never GAIN it all.  The KEY is to stay absolutely FOCUSED on your goals, and to treat this online Work-From-Home venture as the REAL business that it is.  Too many folks believe this is some kind of ‘lottery’ ticket that one finds wealth and success over night by simply having a website. Again, treat this like the REAL business that it is and you will succeed.   Treat this as if you just spent $50,000 dollars on a, say, Subway franchise and work your butt off at first to get your business profiting and self-sustaining.

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I work as if I have the world’s worse demanding boss looking over my shoulder (actually I may have that since I’m married) constantly insisting I increase profits. The key is to treat your ‘home office’ as if your office is really on the 57th floor of some downtown high rise with white shirts busy working all around. These websites that preach ‘Make Money From Home In Your Pajamas’ really do a lot of harm to the ‘newbie’. I dress as if I am working at an office every day, maybe not in a white shirt, Khakis and tie but at least business casual.  It is ALL about putting yourself in the right state of mind. And wearing pajamas while working in front of your pc and talking to prospects all day does not create the mindset you will need to have in order to succeed. 

This Internet Marketing business is no different than owning an offline business.  You commit to working hard at first so you can enjoy the rewards of your hard dedicated work later. Lately the trend I’ve been observing, especially with online biz ops, is these young kids believing that the goal is to ‘work as little as possible while trying to make as much money as possible’. This goes against all laws I personally know in business. In fact, sadly one of the consequences of  ‘work as little as possible while trying to make the most money possible’ is you tend to leave a trail of hurting frustrated followers with no idea how to succeed.

I’ve always preached, “You can’t help your down line and subscribers if you’re preaching ‘Let’s Work from the World’s Beaches’”. 

Hell, they don’t even have WI FI on most of these beaches how the heck are you going to help your team and prospects? The REAL Key to becoming a Top Internet Marketer is to  ‘Promise the Goods and Deliver the promised Goods’!  That’s it.  And, no, I do not believe in ‘under promising and over delivering’ that is a scapegoat phrase.  I don’t ‘under’ or ‘over’ promise I simply promise what I am absolutely certain I can deliver.  Hence, my loyal following that date back eight years ago to my very first year as an Internet marketer.

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In short, Promise What you can deliver and deliver it quickly! 

Michelangelo, what would you say is the ‘secret’ to your success?

I know the key to my success is my die-hard unwavering focus.  I do not allow myself to get distracted by absolutely anything.  I choose a vehicle to make money online and I make it my ‘Last Rodeo’.  Yes, over my 8 years as an Internet Marketer I have joined numerous MLMs and online biz ops and affiliate programs but NEVER more than one at a time.   You cannot –Most especially at the beginning – successfully build two or more businesses at once.

For instance, I’ve never seen anyone build two or more MLMs/biz ops successfully and be able to be the responsible attentive sponsor he /she needs to be.  Takes way too much energy to just build one down line.  Now, that doesn’t mean when you successfully build one business you can’t venture out and build another successful down line in another biz op but usually that only happens after a person learns what can be automated and successfully implements exactly that in order to free his time to move on to another venture. Do this too early and you are building another business at the expense of the other. 

When I sponsored over 2100 personals in Empower Network in just a short 22-month period I was able to do this because of my discipline to stay focused on Empower Network and NOTHING else. In fact, this ‘choose one biz op/MLM company to run with and making it your ‘Last Rodeo’’ is critical if you are marketing online and generating leads off the Internet by collecting emails.  Emailing your leads a different MLM / biz op to join every other day is the fastest way to paralyze the flesh and blood behind the leads you’ve generated. They don’t know what to join and if they do finally join one of your offers they are going to be ‘hesitant’ to get ‘ALL IN’ lest you decide to move on to another ‘shiny object’ in a few days. 

There are countless ways to generate more income from the leads you’ve generated than to introduce them to different MLMs/Biz op opportunities. For instance, you can sell them REAL tools that they will need in order to succeed; i.e. introduce them to your Aweber Auto responder affiliate link. 

Now I know there may be some readers thinking, “Well, Michelangelo, that’s not true.  I know a couple of leaders who are successful and earning big bucks in more than one MLM/Biz Op.”  And I will be quick to say, “ That may be very true but I can promise you they didn’t start their career building two ‘down lines’ in two different companies. No way. Chances are they put all their energy to successfully building one business first than they decided to branch out and more than likely brought over their initial down line over to their new venture.

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‘You Ain’t Got Big Problems You Got Small Money

Numerous Marketers are collecting emails, with so much competition how do you stand out of the mass?

I have to be quick to say that learning the art of ‘collecting emails’ and quickly bonding with the flesh and blood behind those emails is exactly what has allowed me to earn over $900,000 in 2014 and over $300k per year these past 3 years and six figures in my early years. Implementing the ‘Groupon’ business model of collecting emails and sending the hungry sometimes desperate-to-change-their-lives people behind those emails stuff to buy or an MLM/Bizop to join is what catapulted me from a mid six figure earner to nearly one million a year income earner.  It’s that simple: Collect emails and send them stuff to buy. 

I know there are a lot of  ‘traditional’ MLM marketers reading this article who believe in nothing but face to face marketing and the 3-feet rule and the ‘let’s go talk to Aunt Betty’ recruiting tactics.   Good for you.  You are probably successful and nobody can deny that the traditional recruiting tactics have worked for a very long time and many leaders have successfully built huge organizations using traditional methods.  But let me just say this…

“It’s easier to click the mouse to a bigger house!”  And for many who learn this it is a sudden eye opening experience.  

If can get in front of 40,000 people who are actively looking for a biz op or MLM with the click of the mouse by sending an engaging email, why would I spend my days driving back and forth from appointments talking to my  down line’s warm market or recruiting people into my business offline?  Yes, I may spend an hour at the most flipping through a chart in front of ‘Aunt Betty’ and she may indeed join my team but I can create a quick power point (that even flips if I want it to) presentation and email it to 40,000 entrepreneurs who I know have already let me know they are interested by subscribing to my list and boom I sign up dozens if not more daily! 

And that’s exactly how I personally sponsored over 2,100 into Empower Network in just 22 months!I’ve always said, “I’m 48 years old I Ain’t got time for any learning curve and I definitely do not have time to take 2 to 5 years to recruit a team into my down line that is going to generate a serious income.”I need to recruit people into my organization today not tomorrow, this month not next month, experience a growth spurt this year in my organization not next year.   It’s all about NOW!

Here’s something most don’t really understand, though.   Collecting emails is the easy part.  Really it is.  All you have to do is pay for a solo ad or media buy or drive traffic to your high converting landing page.  That’s just a matter of  ‘throwing’ money at your marketing.   Anybody can collect emails.  The key to my success is not my ability to collect emails but rather to quickly ‘bond’ with the flesh and blood behind those emails and to gain their trust quickly so that they are at least open to listening to me and checking out my offer. 

With David Wood and other Top Earners

Michelangelo Lopez on Stage

My list size is barely 43,000.  In fact, most top Internet Marketers at my income level have 5 to 10 times my list size.  And, yet, with that little list of mine I’ve earned over $900,000 in total income in 2014 and have gone back and forth between being the #1 or #2 All Time Recruiter in Empower Network and the current #1 All Time income earner and recruiter in the Power Lead System.

The key to how I stand out among all the Internet Marketers who collect emails and who may even have bigger lists than I do is my commitment to communicate to my list using videos and to communicate frequently and to provide content that will help them no matter what they may currently be promoting.  

Here’s who wins at email marketing:  The person who sends out the emails that says, “Hey, Listen, ‘Joe’, I can help you no matter what MLM or Biz Op you may currently be promoting…”And you genuinely help them!

When someone finally understands that no matter how they’ve collected the emails from our ‘niche’ that the people behind those emails are either in a biz op or MLM or have been beat up by a biz op or MLM or their sponsor has gone into the Witness Protection program they will begin to send less emails about ‘Hey, check out this Mother of all comp plans’ and begin to start sending emails that can help them no matter what they’re in.  That’s when you win!

Work from the mindset that there is rarely a true ‘newbie’ that you will ever come across out of your leads you generate.   Rather, most are in a biz op or MLM or been beat up by a biz op or MLM and/or their sponsor went into the Witness Protection program and you will recruit more and faster than anybody else.  

For instance,  while a lot of leaders and members in Empower Network were emailing ‘Join my mother of all programs’ messages I was emailing ‘Hey, I can help you no matter what you are currently in…”And Boom 2,100 personally sponsored members later my strategy is beyond having to be proved.

Internet Marketing and Direct Selling –MLM – Network Marketing, does that mean you never pick up the phone?

I pick up the phone ‘ All Day Every day like Chili’s Happy Hour!’ And I teach my team to do the same.   In an age where we can’t even rent a movie and talk to a live person (think Redbox in US) people are hungry for a genuine live conversation. Remember,  I said work from the frame of mind that most of your leads are either in a biz op or MLM or been beat up by a biz op or MLM or their sponsor went into the Witness Protection program, well, many of the ‘punches’ they received in the past is rarely being able to have even a quick conversation with their up line/sponsor, this is sadly especially true in an online biz op. 

Back when I first joined Empower Network I got a lot of ‘heat’ from many of the leaders because while many of them were enthusiastically preaching ‘Oh, I made a zillion billion dollars and I don’t even pick up the phone’ I’m shouting PICK UP THE PHONE!  MAKE YOURSELF ACCESSIBLE! Not making yourself accessible to your team members and even leads is ABSOLUTE PURE LAZINESS and ABUSIVE, and yeah I said it.

Now while I make myself accessible and I have my MAIN cell phone number and Real email all over the World Wide Web and on all my websites that doesn’t mean I’m going to spend an hour on the phone with someone and 99% of the time they are not even wanting to spend more than 2 minutes on the phone, often they have one or two questions and I simply point them in the right direction where they can find their answer on my website for instance.

It’s important that Internet Marketers make themselves accessible and pick up the phone and/or return phone calls.   It gives your team members and leads assurance.  It is how you gain their trust.  It is how you bond with your leads.  It is how the flesh and blood behind those emails you’ve collected come to life.

I actually use a web based appointment system (www.Timetrade.com) that works flawlessly and allows me to be completely accessible and still be organized and strategic on every phone call. Phone calls do not interrupt my day. If you want to explode your conversions, especially when you are colleting emails for leads, pick up the phone and let them hear your voice.   It works and it works all the time.

Who is your hero in Internet Marketing?

Some readers, especially those who know me, are going to say ‘Man, you’re just brown nosing’ when I answer that David Wood is my hero in Internet Marketing and has had the most influence on my career. It is the absolute truth, though. In the past 28 months I’ve matured and  have experienced  a higher level of success under his guidance and influence. And for that I will forever be grateful.  And he knows that much.

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