Swiss Based Preiscoin Launches Certified Coach Program Worldwide

Chris Reid, Preiscoin


Swiss based Preiscoin launches a new membership level called Certified Preiscoin Coach.

Certification means that a coach is not only knowledgeable in it’s digital curency called Preiscoin (or PRS), but also as a direct-seller with tenured success in the field of marketing and sales.

Coaches are accredited to help people to understand the nature and purpose of cryptocurrency and ensure wider acceptance of Preiscoin in respected local markets.

Certification also enables coaches to properly guide all new affiliates through the system and teach them the basics of the PRS’s business model. Top leaders of Preiscoin have immediately upgraded to this new level and company reports having already over 50 Certified Preiscoin Coaches in several countries on 3 continents.

Preiscoin Group AG is based out of Switzerland that offers the Preiscoin (PRS), an alternative digital currency based on the Bitcoin protocol. 

Preiscoin uses a Forced Matrix compensation structure for affiliates to build up their customer base.

The Forced Matrix Plan is a compensation structure with a set width and depth on which distributors are compensated.

Preiscoin offers 4% residual commissions on every sale down to 7 levels in the 3×7 forced matrix.

A customer or affiliate who purchases a mining subscription will grant you the “base” – that is a fixed sum of Preiscoins every month staring at CHF 25 or  $27.

After 3 people register and purchase a mining subcription, besides Preiscoins, you will receive a prepaid card where the referral commisisons are paid out.

Preiscoin offers monthly bonuses, as well, to help earn larger commissions quickly. For every 10 paid customers that an affiliate brings into Preiscoin within a calendar month, that affiliate will receive an additional bonus of 100 CHF / $106. If that affiliate brings in 20 paid customers in a month and receive 200 CHF / $ 213, bring in 30 and you receive $319, etc.

Preiscoin offers a special Bonus Pool that will be shared among top 10 affliates of the month on a rotating basis. 10% PRS net revenue will be paid out to the best referrers.

The only thing you need to start is a mobile phone or any other device with internet access. All transfers are between users without a middleman. To send money you require ONLY the recipient’s wallet number, much like a secured Bitcoin transfer.

Preiscoin can be changed at the Bitflex Exchange the current price for 1 Preiscoin is around  $1.

All PRS transactions are instantaneous and work worldwide. Received funds will appear in your digital wallet immediately without the need to wait for inter-bank sessions, saving time and effort. 

The PRS currency is completely resistant to inflation because of the limited amount of coins and the impossibility of creating new units after the emission is concluded. The price of PRS depends solely on supply and demand as the price of everything on the free market.

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