Jerry Lopez And Radical Movement Network Join SAVI Health International

Jerry Lopez, Savi Health International


SAVI Health International is pleased to announce that Jerry Lopez, formerly an Executive Advisor with LyfeStart, and his Radical Movement Network have joined SAVI in high-profile roles with the Utah-based company.

“Jerry and the Radical Movement Network are exactly the kind of people we want to attract to our company,” said Mike Larkins, president of SAVI Health International. “These leaders have demonstrated their commitment to a mission-first approach to network marketing that perfectly aligns with ours. We look forward to great success together.

“We are very excited to follow our entrepreneurial vision at SAVI Health while also being true to our ideals of giving back and helping others. This has made the transition of our family teams an exciting one. We couldn't be any happier to be part of SAVI Health and the kind of people they are,” Lopez said.

  • “CEO Dennis Webb and the Executive Team at SAVI have put in place exactly what we need to help people build their best life.”

Founded in 2014, SAVI Health International is a mission-first company focused on helping people build their best life. In partnership with Greg Horn, former CEO of General Nutrition Centers (GNC), SAVI has developed all-natural wellness products formulated to address cellular inflammation. The company also provides a safe place for entrepreneurs to start a business of their own and receive personal development mentoring.

With Lopez and his Radical Movement Network team on board, SAVI Health is accelerating the development of a meal replacement shake as part of its nutritional product line. When launched, each shake purchase will translate into a meal donated to a hungry child.

About SAVI Health International

SAVI Health International is the creation of entrepreneurs who put values ahead of profit and who have made it their life mission to help others achieve more in health, personal development, and financial wellbeing.

SAVI Health’s mission is to help people build their best life and is guided in this effort by The SAVI Way, 16 principles that keep this mission at the forefront. For more information, please visit SAVI Health at

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