Mega Holding Achieves 400% Growth In Sales, Convention Has 15,000 Attendees

Mega Holdings, Hedi Khezrzadeh


Mega Holdings announced their 2014 achievments of 400% growth in sales with major improvements of their product as well as 7 new Mega Stars. Mega Holdings is an international Direct Selling company providing online web hosting services.

Mega Holdings held 4 conventions last month with a total of 15,000 attendants. Three of those conventions were held in Turkey and one in Germany.

Diyarbekir, Turkey was the host city for the first convention with 4,000 representatives attending. The second convention was held in Istanbul with 7,000 represenatives and the Adana convention with 3,000. 

During these conventions Wiesbaden, Germany also hosted 1,000 representatives from the Mega Holdings World team in Germany.

Dr. Hedi Khezrzadeh, international ambassador and the first Member of Million dollar club, addressed the corporate message to costumers and their visions for 2015. Mesut Opengin and Enes Olgun the top million dollar club members and Mega Stars of the company shared their vision and their plans of 2015 as well. 

Mahmut Inan, Fatih Yazizci, Selim Doruk, Hasan Acer, Selman Olgun Mahmut Yaman and Hamit Dogan the Mega Stars of Mega Holdings toured all the conventions in Turkey.

The convention in Germany was held by Mega Holdings world team. Kerim Kakmaci, with one of the largest organizations, addressed the visions of the team for Europe in 2015.

Mega Holdings Convention

Mega Holdings Convention

About Mega Holdings

Mega Holdings  is incorporated in Hong Kong and its Management team is headed by Chairman/Founder Michael Cheng, a successful business entrepreneur with rich experience in network marketing and other business investments in several parts of the world.

Mega Holdings is an international Direct Selling company providing online web hosting services.

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