Wake Up Now Looking For A New Investor ?

Phil Polich, CEO, Wake Up Now


Wake Up Now leaders would be not pleased with this article, however many former insiders and field leaders are informing Business For Home, and after validating their information, the company seems to be not stable at all.

According to a Wake Up Now Corporate statement:

We are still recovering from damage done by gamers and scammers. Prepaid cards and chargebacks along with the need to support international growth led us to international merchant processing which is higher fees, delayed processing, and a multi-million dollar rolling reserve.

It seems Wake Up Now's deficit is around $15 million and according to macroaxis.com the company has a 96% chance of Bankruptcy within 2 year which states the following:

Based on latest financial disclosure Wake Up Now Inc has Probability Of Bankruptcy of 96%.

This is much higher than that of the sector, and significantly higher than that of Probability Of Bankruptcy industry, The Probability Of Bankruptcy for all stocks is over 1000% lower than the firm.

As of today, Wake Up Now stock has been around  $1.02, more than ten times less than when it was at $10.70 less than a year ago.

The Wake Up Now market capitalization went down in a year from approx. $200 million to $19 million as of today. Tough numbers for new investors.

Word in the street in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA where around 100 MLM companies are based, is that Wake Up Now is looking for a new investor, if not found, it would be possible Wake Up Now will terminate operations shortly.

Former Top Wake Up Now Leader Speaks out (15,000+ views)


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