Conligus Announces Complete Overhaul Of The Company

Conligus, Christian Steinkeller, CEO


Conligus announces a complete overhaul of the company according to a message to the field:

Dear Conligus Community,

We are proud to announce a new era for Conligus. After the extraordinary start in October 2014 and the amazing growth we have experienced so far all over the world, we felt like we needed to step up and move on to the next level.

We felt like you deserved better. We set out to make a complete overhaul of the company in order to bring you the safest, most advanced technologies in the market. It's the same old Conligus you learned to trust, but even more reliable, more professional, backed by new extraordinary fundings and a new great Partner that will be unveiled soon.

It was necessary to temporarily freeze trading operations, but don't worry. Nothing gets lost. Everything will be carried over and we will actually pay out all pending rewards before the reopening of the trading operations. We want to state again, clearly, that no reward and no volume will be lost. Rewards will be paid out and we will start with that ‎before the GLA! (Global Leadership Awards)

We are completely focused and committed. We are doing the impossible to bring you the next level Company and what drives us is the trust and the efforts all our leaders and members have put into our company. We are flattered by your support and this is why we set out to improve your Conligus, your business potential, your growth.

This temporary break means we can start afresh and bring you even more success once the golden gates of Conligus open the trading again. Now it's time to keep building your team with the Free Registration that stays open. The future is safe. The rewards are guaranteed and are coming to you very soon.

We are now stepping into the real pre-launch and this is a wonderful opportunity to confirm our First Global Leadership Awards event that will be held in Thailand from the 25th February to the 2nd March. Our Elite Stars are already warming up 🙂

An even better news? Since – because of the freezing – not all of you had the same opportunity to qualify, this year's GLA is open to everyone! You heard right, everyone can take part in our huge event. The price for the Ticket will be €  299 and for the VIP Ticket € 399 (The VIP Ticket members could already purchase via their backoffice).

If you wish to participate, all you need to do is send an email to [email protected] to confirm the participation, including your Member-ID, full name and arrival information. Don't worry, tickets and the hotel can be paid upon arrival. The last day to submit the confirmation will be the 20th February.

The many of you who already purchased a ticket will receive an email in the next few days and further instructions will be sent to everybody else soon, too. But what can you expect to see at the GLA? Why should you care to come?

Well, first, it will be a huge party and we can't wait to have you there and celebrate our renaissance. Then, of course, we will be assigning the awards to our top performers, five spanking new, signed and Conligus-branded iPhones, plus the other 10 iPhones trough the promotional raffle.

Last but not least, we will be unveiling the new Conligus:

  • – A new partner
  • – A new software
  • – New payment solutions
  • – New marketing materials and presentations
  • – And much, much more

On top of this you can expect tons of leisure activities, trainings and a whole bucketload of fun! We can't wait to see where Conligus brings you, and where you will bring us. The path ahead is finally clear and settled.

Conligus Management

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