Yevo Officially Launched In The USA

David Brown, CEO, Yevo


Yevo, based in Utah, USA is a new major MLM company which is officially launced. Co-founder and master distributor is Jason Domingo, former master distributor of LifeVantage.

The corporate team looks strong with David Brown at the helmet as CEO. He speaks fluent Japanese, was the CEO of Life Vantage and maintained a 300% per year growth rate there. David Brown also helped open 40 countries for Noni (Morinda) and Asian Development Executive Management.

Yevo could very well be a great opportunity for many as capital and experience was brought in right from the start.

 According to the new website:

Yevo starts with healthy foods, fresh from nature. We use things like oats, milk, apples and flaxseeds. hese foods contain some of the essential nutrients, but not all of them.

Next, we figure out what is missing. Our goal is to provide you with all the 43 essential nutrients you need in just two Yevo meals. We add the missing essential nutrients to the fresh foods we started with

Yevo’s compensation plan provides three financial opportunities.

Customer Acquisition, through sharing Yevo with others, you can acquire customers who regularly purchase and consume Yevo’s products. You will earn a portion of these sales every month.

Team Building: if you’re more serious about building a residual income to supplement your existing income, you can build a team of other business builders. As your team advances in rank, you can earn significant new income.

Wealth Building: certain visionary individuals can take the Yevo opportunity and create truly transformative wealth for themselves and those they love.

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