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Hedi Khezrzadeh, Mega Holdings,


Dr. Hedi Khezrzadeh is a medical doctor that has reached the level of Global Ambassador at Mega Holdings and has a growing team of over 150,000. His estimated annual earnings is in an impressive seven digits. His team has several young million dollar earners between the ages of 25 -30.

Mega Holdings is an international Direct Selling company based in Hong Kong that provides online web hosting services. Their operations expand from Asia to the Middle-East, the Gulf States, Turkey, Germany and the rest of the 28 European Union countries as well as other global nations.

Born in Iran, Dr. Khezrzadeh, studied medicine at Tehran University of Medical Sciences and currently lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hedi is married to Sarah and the couple has 1 son, Raman. 

Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Hedi Khezrzadeh.

Hedi, you are a medical doctor, how come you are involved in MLM?

It was very simple. My very close friend introduced me to Mega Holdings, a type of business that I have never heard of. Because I trusted him I listened to what he had to say. I was always looking for an opportunity while I was studying. In 2001 I worked in library for university, 60 hours a month, for only $6!

It was not a compensation it’s more like abusing. But I thought “if it is the best I can do, let’s do it!” so I was open to any opportunity but this one was like an opportunity for aliens! I was in!

Hedi Khezrzadeh - Mega Holdings on stage

What is your WHY?

Well, I came from a poor family background. From a small village where almost everyone was poor, when I went to university I saw rich people and I understood at least how being rich looked like. So my first and biggest reason was to change the situation if not to be rich.

To not let our family life be the same <as mine was growing up> and to protect myself and my family. I didn't want lack of money to rule our life. I wanted to delete the money factor, and if you want to delete the affect lack of money has in your life, you must have a lot of it. Then slowly I understood the world is bigger than I thought.  My initial why will remain the most important ,always, but now I have the bigger dreams and bigger why's.

Mega Holdings Team leaders

Enes Olgun - Mega Holdings Mesut Opengin - Mega Holdings Mahmut Inan - Mega Holdings Selim Doruk - Mega Holdings
Enes Olgun Mesut Opengin Mahmut Inan Selim Doruk
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Fatih Yazici Fehim Aksac Egemen Ozer Selman Olgun
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Aksemseddin Kocabas Ali Ural Dogancan Gunes Ridvan Dereli


You are born in a political unstable country, has it influenced your MLM career?

Well, our life is a product of our decisions not our conditions, but it’s easier said than done. It had effect on my career, most of the decisions should be made more conservatively. But my problems is not only with my country, the rest of the world had problem with my nationality, specially when you want to go international and you have visa problems.

Honestly life is harder but still our decisions matter, our behavior matters. We have to accept that life is not fair and you might be behind in many things but I have a solution for that: when you are behind, run faster! And faster, and faster.

Mega Holdings Convention

Mega Holdings Convention

What is the secret to your success?

Secret? I think most of the times we know what serves us the best and what doesn’t. it’s only the matter of whether we have enough reasons to do the right one, because we know it’s almost always harder. I admit that taking an aimless facebook tour is easier that answering questions, going to the cinema is easier than reading a book about your business, sleeping is more pleasant than making a presentation, watching news is easier than training with your team…

Everyone knows the right decisions, who doesn’t? Do they have enough reasons to make the harder choice? That matters the most and makes difference. The more you make the rights choices, the more successful you become. I try to choose the best most of the times.

Mega Holdings Team Germany

Mega Holdings Team Germany

Was/Is personal growth an important part of your success?

It is the most important plan. Personal growth is our best investment and it doesn’t lose value over time. Nobody can take it from you and in economic crisis it serves you more! Especially in our business, the necessity of personal growth is very clear.

You want to lead, you want to help people, you have to train them, so how would you deliver something if you don’t have it? The more you grow, the more your business does.

How do you build leaders and get the duplication in?

I look at duplication as a project. So, everyone in my organization is like a project, we take them from point A to point B. When you get the concept the plan becomes more clear.  The whole power of network marketing is duplication and I think the most important part of duplication is to duplicate “why”, helping people find their “why”. The rest are technical things and information all comes after people have found their reason to do the business, and I believe it’s the easy part.

Spending direct time and our “presence” is one of our secrets of success. It might make the process a little bit slower but our success rate and high loyalty rate to us and to the company shows that “slower can be faster”. We will get there!

What are your plans for your future?

Our entire organization has a common vision and mission to take our company, Mega Holdings to the top. We have young leaders that all started with the company together and their vision is part of the mission.

There is a huge market untouched for our great idea and we want to go to the top of the list of network marketers and companies, the place that we belong to. We continuously challenge ourselves to achieve more in the profession.

The other plan is to teach my Mega Stars and all my leaders how to invest and to help them invest in a right way, as they are experts of making money but not at investing.

What advice would you give people who want to get to where you are?

Change! The profession looks simple but it doesn’t mean that you are fit, you have to change for it, allow your sponsors to help you, Many people become (so called) expert very soon and they are not ready to learn from others, be continuously a newbie, a beginner, say “I don’t know” once a day.

Success is not rocket science, it is a combination of small, continuous steps everyday, the result will be a miracle. stay positive, stay hungry, and the most important is believe in yourself 🙂

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