Industry Veterans Courtney And Kristopher Pacunas Join Javita

Courtney and Krisopher Pacunas,Javita


For the power duo, it's not all about the money — it's about changing lives. With Javita having rapid growth and sales more than doubling within the past year, the couple found themselves intrigued with the possibilities to lead even more people to greater success.

Courtney and Kristopher, who reside in Belchertown, MA, experienced great success over the course of six years and have built a multimillion dollar business with a previous company. However, the couple said their passion to help others achieve their goals and live a healthy life, lead them to Javita.

Javita gives us long term opportunity to help thousands of people become more and achieve more than they could have ever imagined, Courtney said. To us, Javita is relationship marketing perfection, with a compensation plan that delivers truly significant and lasting residual income and products that do not require people to change their habits, yet can dramatically impact people's lives through healthy weight loss. Javita encompasses everything we want to represent to our family and friends!

Courtney and Kristopher said their rapid rise in network marketing began with a previous company where they built the fastest growing team within the company. Combined, the couple had a team that consisted of nearly 30,000 members and over 150,000 customers, which led them to attain some of the company's top ranks. The couple's commitment and drive did not go unnoticed, often times Courtney was selected to be networking trainer at conventions filled with 25,000 people.

The couple said they are excited about their future with Javita and appreciate the time and freedom they have to spend with their six children, while owning a successful Javita business. 

What's more valuable is being able to showcase to our children what's possible in terms of human potential. Exposing our children to thousands of people who are achieving personal, professional and financial success with Javita, while helping hundreds of thousands of people get healthy is something we could only do with this opportunity.

Industry Veterans Courtney and Kristopher Pacunas Join Javita

Javita, with global headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, is a company committed to changing the lives of millions of people by bringing together healthy coffee and other beverages with direct selling. Javita offers healthy, unique, great tasting products and an incredible business opportunity that can enhance people’s lives – one cup at a time. The company has offices and warehouses in North America, Europe and Asia and does business in more than 30 countries globally. Millions of people already have coffee in their life, Javita gives you coffee for your life.

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