Preiscoin Opens In Germany and Austria

Jacik Dudzic, Preiscoin


Swiss based Direct Selling company Preiscoin expands into German speaking markets with its website available in this language, starting today.

The company's main marketing page has been just launched in the German language.

Preiscoin Group AG offers the Preiscoin (PRS), an alternative digital currency based on the Bitcoin protocol. The only thing you need to start using Preiscoin is a mobile phone or any other device with internet access. All transfers are between users without a middleman. To send money you require only the recipient’s wallet number, much like a secured Bitcoin transfer.

All PRS transactions are instantaneous and work worldwide. Received funds will appear in your digital wallet immediately without the need to wait for inter-bank sessions, saving time and effort.

Preiscoin operates also an affiliate program using a Forced Matrix compensation structure for affiliates to build up their customer base. The Forced Matrix Plan is a compensation structure with a set width and depth on which distributors are compensated.

We invite now leaders and marketers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to consider joining the hottest affiliate program on the market.

Just after we have launched our revolutionary global mobile payment system called PRS Pay we see a flood of people joining Preiscoin as it is the only opportunity based on a ground breaking peer-to-peer technology and can grow big just in a matter of months.

Says Jacek Dudzic, renowned internet marketer and Preiscoin’s Acting CEO.

In the beginning people were just comparing us to Bitcoin but that is very far from what we want to be. PRS has a broad marketing and sales base, high innovative strength and a strong ownership, and is well positioned with its new mobile payment solution both for the merchants and end customers.

You can’t call Bitcoin if something goes wrong and you can’t have a cup of coffee with your market manager of Bitcoin because it is a social currency solely based on a community of users. Preiscoin has chosen a different way – we have a strong corporation backing it up so you can actually call Preiscoin and have a cup of coffee or lunch with Preiscoin’s representative. That puts us in a completely different position on the market” continues Dudzic.

Preiscoin offers 4% residual commissions on every sale down to 7 levels in the 3×7 forced matrix.

A customer or affiliate who purchases a mining subscription will grant you the “base” – that is a fixed sum of Preiscoins every month staring at CHF 25 or $27.

After 3 people register and purchase a mining subscription, besides Preiscoins, you will receive a prepaid card where the referral commissions are paid out.

Preiscoin offers monthly bonuses, as well, to help earn larger commissions quickly. For every 10 paid customers that an affiliate brings into Preiscoin within a calendar month, that affiliate will receive an additional bonus of 100 CHF / $106. If that affiliate brings in 20 paid customers in a month and receive 200 CHF / $ 213, bring in 30 and you receive $319, etc.

Preiscoin offers a special Bonus Pool that will be shared among top 10 leaders and team builders of each month.

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