LEO And LEOcoin Denies Ponzi Allegations

Dan Andersson, CEO, LEO, LEOCOIN


James Hargrave, account director for JBP Associates Ltd. one of the leading strategic communications consultancies in the UK send Business For Home the next statement on the article: LEOCoin Founders Linked to Pyramid Scheme in Pakistan.

James Hargrave:

I am contacting you on behalf of LEOcoin following your recent article regarding serious allegations made against them.

Your recent article makes some serious accusations, which appear to be largely drawn from a number of articles, including a recent CNBC piece. You will also have perhaps seen that CNBC have also covered LEOcoin’s recent firm rebuttal of the accusations https://www.cnbc.com/id/102565765.

I would like to draw your attention to this statement from LEOcoin relating to the matters you highlight:

“These accusations are misguided and fundamentally untrue. Dan and Atif have never been involved in any sort of scam and the comments about them have misunderstood the facts entirely. In fact, it was Dan and Atif who resigned from the company you cite, disagreeing about the direction the business was taking, including the way they approached their Pakistani business.

“Dan and Atif cooperated fully with the authorities in all of these matters and have been officially discharged of all liabilities.

“Additionally, when the parent company tried to claim the money sitting in the bank accounts of the Pakistani business (over 1m Euros) Dan and Atif refused to comply. Instead in the winding up of the company, they ensured that any people who wanted reimbursement received one.

“Any suggestion that either Dan or Atif participated in any sort of scam is the direct opposite of the truth. In fact, they ensured that no one suffered any financial losses in the closure of this business.”

Furthermore, your piece raises questions around the number of merchants signed up to use LEOcoin as a form of payment. Can I please draw your attention to the LEO Market Place, where you can see merchants listed by sector https://leomarketplace.com/searchmerchant.aspx?search.

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