LEO Appoints Geraldine Aquino As COO

Geraldine Aquino, COO, LEO


Learning Enterprises Organization (LEO) today announced that Geraldine Aquino has been appointed to Chief Operating Officer and elected to Learning Enterprises Organization’s Board of Directors.

“Geraldine is a strong Chief Operating Officer and marketer and we look forward to benefiting from her insights and experience. She is our first female board member and I think she will add a new dimension to our already lively board discussions. Her appointment speaks to her undisputed ability to develop our business around the world.

As the COO of LEO, it would be hard to find a more focused skillset to support our growth.” said Dan Andersson, Learning Enterprises Organization’s Co-founder, President and CEO.

 “Geraldine brings a wealth of direct selling experience to LEO’s management team. Her diverse background in this industry enables her to clearly understand how to add value for our Customers and Members. I am delighted to work with her and can see that she will uphold LEO’s mission and vision in its purest form.” Said Atif Kamran, Learning Enterprises Organization’s Co-founder and CMO.

“Dan, Atif and I have been friends for a long time. LEO is led by two people who I adore on a personal level and admire and respect on a professional level because they have committed their lives to developing others. I think it was fate that I met Dan and Atif all those years ago.  Most people are lucky get to work with one brilliant person throughout their career.

I am being given the opportunity to work with two brilliant peopletwice in my career.  What we have here is history in the making and I have always dreamed of being part of something great. So when our paths crossed again I knew in my heart that this was the right move for me,” said Geraldine Aquino, Chief Operating Officer. LEO is clearly one of the most innovative companies in the world today.

LEO is a game changer not only for the direct sales industry but for all businesses through the innovative products and programs it offers. “Some of the things we are doing like our marketing plan, ownership program and digital currency are revolutionary.  I feel privileged to join this exciting and dynamic team and look forward to working closely with Dan, Atif and the board during the next phase of Learning Enterprises Organization’s growth.”

At LEO, Geraldine is responsible for developing and executing all of the company’s long-term growth strategies, launching new brand initiatives, developing earnings opportunities for Member’s worldwide, and defining LEO as the premier direct seller of entrepreneurship training and professional development products.

“What I hope to contribute is transforming LEO from a decentralized group of local operating entities to a globally-managed business with Members in over 120 countries and active sales in over 28 countries with a global brand and global operating model. In doing so, we can expect revenues and number of active Members to multiply significantly!” says Geraldine Aquino. “As we look to the future, LEO’s business model remains advantaged with our broad and geographic footprint. I am committed to providing a fresh lens and additional operational and executive leadership.”

Geraldine Aquino brings over 20 years of experience in all areas of direct sales, from field representative to corporate executive. As a child growing up in a direct selling home, she quickly discovered that direct sales was the perfect avenue for women to realize their goals and dreams while trying to balance a family and work life. At a very young age, she gained a respect and passion for an industry that could literally change a woman’s life overnight. When one woman’s life changes, so do the lives of her children and everyone around her.

Geraldine was hired as Chief Operating Office of LEO North America in June 2014. Prior to that Geraldine was Vice President of Sales for Cloelle Designs and before that was the Director of Sales Development and Training for Silpada Canada, the top party plan jewellery company in North America where she was instrumental in building the Canadian market reaching record breaking sales and developing an army of women entrepreneurs.

She has held the role of Executive Director for non-profit organizations dedicated to the education and training of disadvantaged groups such as women and youth.  Geraldine has led established and start-up companies to enormous success. As a hands on direct sales field leader and an established corporate executive, she combines the best of both worlds: a love for working in and with the field as well as the proven skills and knowledge necessary to operate and build a successful company. An entrepreneur at heart, Geraldine has also owned and operated her own successful businesses in telecommunications, training and education. 

Geraldine’s motto is, Live life by design not by default. We are all in control of what we do and the paths in life we take, whether we achieve our goals or we don’t. She believes that direct sales fosters the entrepreneurial spirit in all of us and allows us to believe in not only the dreams that are bigger than ourselves, but more importantly it teaches us how to believe in ourselves. That is where true success lives.  Geraldine has built her reputation in the direct sales industry by coaching and developing leaders to achieve their goals and turn their wildest dreams into reality and she looks forward to continuing that success in LEO.

LEO is a leading global training company focussed on developing entrepreneurs. As the world’s leading up and coming direct seller, LEO markets to people in well over 100 countries through over one hundred thousand independent LEO sales consultants. LEO’s product line include professional development training products in the form of eLearning, eTutoring, Live Seminars and Technology Products.  Learn more about LEO and its products at www.welcometoLEO.com.

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