mynt Celebrates Rank Advancements

Rob and Tiffanie Moffitt, mynt


mynt is celebrating a number of rank advancements. Announcements went out today:

Congratulations to Rob and Tiffanie Moffitt of South Jordan, UT, USA, for advancing to the rank of Diamond Executive! 

If Rob and Tiffanie’s names sound familiar that’s because they were recently spotlighted as new Emerald Executives! You can read their previous success story HERE.

For Rob and Tiffanie, reaching the rank of Diamond has been a team effort. Having been in the network marketing profession for 8 years now, they know the importance of a solid team that broadens their circle of influence.

“We invest in relationships,” they said. “As leaders, we don’t focus on protecting our domain. Instead we expand it by investing in mutually beneficial relationships.”

These relationships include “lifters and doers”—people who have a significant impact on their business and lives and help build momentum. 

Momentum aside, success truly started to happen for Rob and Tiffanie once they changed their mental attitudes, put away all the distractions, and really started to focus on the business. 

“Challenging circumstances are part of life and that’s not going to change,” they said. “However, that doesn’t mean that we are victims of circumstances. You always have a choice! So, the real question is will you choose to look for a blessing in every challenge and make each day a success?”

What’s Rob and Tiffanie’s advice for new mynt brand promoters? Avoid the biggest mistake that can be the difference between having success or not.

“Do not try to reinvent the wheel,” they said. “All too many times, we see new promoters come into the business and they do not follow the system, do not follow the proven plans of success, and do not use their up line leaders for support.”

With all their recent success, don’t be surprised if you find the Moffitt enjoying a relaxing vacation in Cabo San Lucas or Cancun. Warm weather, beaches, and a happy outlook on life seem to sum up their motto perfectly:

“Your attitude and perception are something that you create.”

Congratulations to Frankie Lanosa of West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, for advancing to the rank of Emerald Executive! 

Frankie made quite the name for himself last year when he became a mynt Silver Executive in 60 days. That was quite the accomplishment for the then 21-year-old. Not stopping at Emerald, he’s back in the kitchen working on his next goal: going Diamond.

Frankie believes many Americans, both young and old, are looking for a better life with more time, more money and more freedom to be with their loved ones. 

“This generation looks at business much differently than our parents and grandparents,” he said. “In the new America, my generation wants lifestyle! Businesses in the future will be built in kitchens across America and across the world, just like mynt.” 

Frankie also believes mynt has the answer to one of America’s biggest questions: there has to be a better way? Frankie likes to introduce the mynt opportunity with a statement that answers that major question…??

“Call yourself lucky or call yourself blessed,” he said. “I’m a Christian, so I call myself blessed. You are at the right time and the right place with the right company. It’s called mynt.” 

Frankie loves that mynt gives everyone the opportunity to be in business for themselves, set their own hours, and has low start-up fees. And it fits right into his own personal motto: “You were made for more (M4M).” 

“mynt is here and coming to a town near you,” he said. “Get on the train or watch the train go by. Either way, it’s coming!”

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