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Ahmad Evaji, Nuviza, CEO


Ahmad Evaji, from New York, USA is the founder and CEO of Nuviza. The company is fast upcoming in the Direct Selling industry, because of the Instant pay plan, a new innovative trend in the industry.

Nuviza offers a wide range of health and wellness products made in the United States.

Founder Ahmad Evaji immigrated to the USA with his family, when he was 7 years old. His father was a carpet installer, and his mother was raising 4 children while working just to make ends meet. He remembers them working long 16 hour days, and coming home too tired to do anything but sleep.

Being a major network marketing leader he decided to realize his dream and vision:

To establish a company with a clear mission to improve the global community we live in by providing a system that allows the average person across the world to develop financial intelligence, freedom to capitalize and achieve goals.

He sold all his assets to finance the startup in 2011 and is now expanding fast throug the USA and international markets.

Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Ahmad.

Ahmad you utilized all your assets to start NuViza, that is what I call All In

I learned early on in life you can’t make anything big happen unless you are all in. People want to know that you are serious, committed and will be there for the long term, and when you can show them that kind of stability it eases their mind so they can focus on the more important things, like personal development, helping others, and ultimately being HAPPY.

NuViza pays instantly commission, is that the reason of the fast growth?

I would say it’s one of many reasons, and in the last 13 years of learning, studying and growing up in the industry I saw a lack of “immediate” gratification when it came to seeing results. So when our compensation engine was design, it had everyone from the brand new promoter in mind, who’s coming in to see “What am I going to get from building a business” to the veteran 30 year business veteran thinking “gosh, most businesses take 3 years to turn a profit”.

With our daily payout engine, they can start today, enroll a customer TODAY and at 12 am EST tonight get paid. They see the result of their labor IMMEDIATELY, which is so powerful considering a majority of people are playing catch up with last month’s bills.

The NuViza compensation plan is based on a straight line, and unknown for many, what is the advantage?

Our compensation plan is based on customer sales and the movement of products. There are 3 main focuses of our daily compensation engine: Today, Tomorrow and the Future of our business.

Immediate Income:

Retail  Profits  are  the  difference  between  the  retail  pricing  and  wholesale pricing of a product. Every time a retail customer buys products at retail pricing, you earn the difference as a commission.

MegaLine: We have developed what we call a MegaLine system, which means from Day 1 to forever, the company is built as one team. So that means, the newest promoter or business builder starting today can earn from the efforts and results of other promoters who started the business before them AND after them, which is refreshing and exciting.

Fast Start Bonuses: The first 31 days of someone’s career is one of the most important, and to ensure they have a strong support system we have implemented what we call a fast start bonus starting at 25% and paying down through 5 generations of promoters, so while you help them build their business and move product, the better they do the better you do.

Residual Income:

If you want to build a team then the Monthly Override Bonuses   (MOBs) are based on the commissionable  volume  generated from product sales made by your team.   The MOB is at the heart of your residual  income.  Our Residual Bonuses allow you to earn up to from 3%-8% of the volume from sales generated by your organization with our Team Development bonus, you reach to infinite depth in the team allowing you to focus on support and development.


More important than what someone earns is being happy, and being able to give back while living the life we work hard to earn. From Rising Start trips, to lifestyle bonuses, and cash scholarships based on personal performance, we have designed a system for the part timer student, stay at home mom building a business while caring for the family, and the sophisticated business person looking for freedom.

Team – Nuviza

Nuviza Team

You are one of the youngest Direct Selling CEO's, is that the reason you attract a younger generation?

I believe that Number is just an Age J I mean it that way, because one thing I’ve learned is that whether young, older, everyone at the end of the day is looking for a means to provide for loved ones, enjoy what they do, be free, and pursue happiness.

Our social media presence on platforms like Facebook and twitter were heavily influenced by the tech savvy Millenial generation, while our “offline” community of promoters were made up of the baby boomers who are looking for a way to give themselves a chance by working NuViza.

Today, I would say we are about 50/50, and we have so many “Family” based businesses, husbands and wives building the business as a couple, Mothers and sons, Fathers and daughters finding a way to bring up the standard of living and health within their family.

What is your vision?

In short, to change the world. To build a family so massive it will empower people across the known world. NuViza is much more than a company delivering high quality nutrition products. It is a company with a clear mission to improve the global community we live in. We are committed to helping individuals, not only with the incredible benefits of its products, but with a business opportunity that opens the door to personal success and potentially limitless financial success.

By providing a system that allows the average person across the world to develop financial intelligence, freedom to capitalize and achieve goals NuViza will influence the state of economy, one person at a time.

What makes NuViza different?

The business practices and method of distribution we utilize allow for a global enterprise based on growing partnerships around the world. As an American based corporation, NuViza is proud of its heritage and the defining characteristics of opportunity. The opportunity to live freely, to grow, to build life is what allowed America to once be a world power, and symbol of unleashed potential.

Ahmad Evaji and Ted Nuyten

Ahmad Evaji and Ted Nuyten

Why is NuViza growing fast, what is the secret?

Honestly, there is no secret, it’s a work in progress, and process. We started by focusing on the everyday human being, and worked on helping them step by step. I found out something as I personally started developing the leaders in our company, when you help people, in the beginning they question “why would you wanna do that?” Now, once they get over that they still look at you funny, but as they go through the process, they find happiness, health, and feel good about paying that forward. Here is the crazy thing, if you take care of the people around you, they are happy, they work hard and are excited to tell everyone about it!

The NuViza opportunity focuses on teaching financial intelligence, and how we can mentally pursue success through the development of one's health, mindset, and relationships. If you are ready to be a part of financial change, then the opportunity is for you. This is the world of entrepreneurs, gomakers, and success stories in the making.

We are a people's business, owned by the people, built by the people, for the people. Because the people are the reason the business exists. Your right to pursue your goals and ambitions is protected through the methods of our business practices, so if your goal is to be happy, live life, be free, then we welcome you to participate in a fast growing revolutionary company.

What is your advice for a newbie in the Direct Selling industry?

Do your due diligence, find a mentor/successful role model that can show you the way. Be coachable with proper expectations, we all know everyone wants success, but understand what it takes to get there, and work HARD now so you can play harder later. One way or another we all end up working hard in life, some work hard for themselves, and their future, while some are paid to work hard for other people’s future.

What are your plans and goals?

Ultimately, we will grow our team, leaders and company to a size where we can physically influence the status quo and create financial change in every society we touch as a sexy, respected, and admired, company. Our expansion plans include the opening of new markets in Latin America and Asia, beginning with Dominican Republic, Mexico, Malaysia and Thailand.

We also have plans for additional product lines that are soon to come, and as an Umbrella company we will only launch products that are natural, highly effective, and immediately gratifying. Enjoy it today, and live it tomorrow as we say.

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