Biotechnology Expert Dr. Jesús Bustillos Joins Ariix Wellness Council

Jesus Bustillos Ariix wellness council


ARIIX, an international opportunity company that promotes healthy, toxic-free living, is excited to announce the appointment of Jesús Bustillos, Ph.D., to the ARIIX Wellness Council. An internationally recognized diabetes educator, physician, and surgeon, Dr. Bustillos holds a Master of Science with specialization in medical emergencies and a Ph.D. in biotechnology.

The ARIIX Wellness Council is made up of an exclusive group of experts and professionals that help shape the decisions and direction of the global ARIIX branded lines. As a member of the Council, Dr. Bustillos will join with his peers in raising awareness of the branded products within ARIIX and creating opportunities for improved health and wellness within his community and around the world.

“I have the firm intention to collaborate with ARIIX to increase human consciousness in biological, mental, and social health,” said Dr. Bustillos. He added that bringing clinical research and experience to the table will result in greater unity in the family, increased social fraternity, and in general, higher quality of human life.”

Dr. Bustillos is certified by the Mexican College of Bariatric Surgeons, the International Diabetes Center, and the World Health Organization Collaborating Center (WHOCC), part of the International Committee Diabetes Mellitus.

“We are pleased to welcome Dr. Bustillos to the team,” said Dr. Fred Cooper, ARIIX Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “His dedication to raising awareness of how the world we live in and the choices we make affect our health is a perfect fit for the Wellness Council. We know he will be a valuable member of our team and look forward to the future working together.”


ARIIX is an international opportunity company that creates superior, exclusively branded products marketed through independent representatives. To promote healthy living, ARIIX develops toxic-free products through collaboration with world-renowned experts in the health, wellness, and fitness industries.

The ARIIX opportunity and products are available in Australia, Canada, Greater China including Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan SAR, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, and the United States. For more information please visit or phone 1-855-GO-ARIIX.


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