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Mark Hicks and Talitha Coleman, Ambit Energy


Mark Hicks and Talitha Coleman reside in Irving, Texas, USA and are important leaders within Top Earner Steve Thompson's team, his est. earnings are $370,000 per month.

An interview with Steve Thompson can be found here. Mark and Talitha are a great example of rock solid leaders, this is how they build their business:

Throughout our journey with Ambit Energy we have remained persistent and consistent toward achieving our goals.

Because of our will to succeed and the help of our team, we are now quickly approaching the 3rd highest Leadership Level of Executive Consultant.

We have been able to pay off several credit cards, reduce our overall debt and are now getting closer to obtaining our ultimate goal of Financial Freedom, having our time back and creating the lifestyle we always imagined.

Our Ambit journey started 5 years ago. Both Talitha and I worked in corporate America for most of our careers and had become successful. I worked as a Manager of Human Resources and Talitha worked in the Mortgage Industry and Fashion Apparel. We both worked long hours and weren’t able to enjoy some our hobbies that included traveling, playing golf, fishing, camping and hanging out with friends and family.

After years of wanting to create more financial independence as well as time freedom, we started traditional businesses in the pursuit of the American dream. However, this was no easy task as we quickly realized that being self- employed meant we could no longer take off, we worked even longer hours and on top of that we had depleted all of our savings.

We were no further ahead and achieving financial freedom seemed almost impossible.  We were desperately looking for an opportunity that could afford us everything we desired.

As a result of starting our Ambit Energy Business, we now have a growing team that spans throughout the U.S. We have over 600 consultants and the organization is continuing to grow.  

We are so thankful to have such a great mentor in Steve Thompson. His guidance and leadership has made all the difference for us. We’d like to say thank you to our team for their dedication and hard work and look forward to helping countless others achieve the life they deserve. Life is great, but the best is yet to come!

How we build our business is simple.

We host weekly business presentations, webinars, home meetings, conference calls as well as on-line training for our team. We both enjoy speaking, training and mentoring others to achieve their goals and we attend multiple weekly meetings, as well as Regional and National Ambit training events.

We attend business networking events, leadership conferences, toastmasters events as well as many social gatherings to meet new people and build relationships that develop into friendships. While we still run our traditional businesses, we work our Ambit businesses part time and we thrive on educating and empowering other business professionals who are looking for a way to create a lifestyle.

About Mark Hicks and Talitha Coleman

Mark Hicks is passionate about leadership development, speaking and empowerment through financial literacy. Since being part of Ambit, he received an award for delivering consistent and quality business presentations in the North Texas area and was recently featured in a nationally publicized website that explains the Ambit opportunity known as EnergyGoldRush. 

Talitha Coleman is passionate about empowering women, personal development and dressing for success. She has worked with several of the top female leaders in Ambit and has received several awards for her dedication. She was recently featured as an expert on dressing for success in organizations like: Ambitious Women’s Conference and WEW (Women Empowering Women).


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