Top Earner Helen Dela’houssaye Resigns From Ardyss

Helen Dela'houssaye, Ardyss


Since 2008, Helen Dela'houssaye has been a Top Money earner with Ardyss International.

Over the past 7 years Helen's personal organization has generated nearly a half a billion dollars sales, helped 33 families become millionaires, created several hundred six-figure earners and cultivated a team of over 460,000 reps worldwide. 

Persons from her team have gone on to become industry leaders, published authors and inspirational speakers.

She is moving on to continue with her efforts in impacting people’s lives as an author, life coach and public speaker.

I love Ardyss and each person that we have been able to touch and create a life changing experience for. God took this li’l ole’ country girl from S.C., with no direction, no formal education, no money & no connections but yet favored me to earn millions in the industry, and more importantly, impact thousands of lives.

This was nothing but FAVOR & I thank God daily!” says Helen.

Helen has been called upon to provide Executive Consultations to several leading Direct Sales companies.

She is also the author of a New York Times Bestselling book and a second book is scheduled to be launched in Winter 2015 by Kohler Publishing.

Helen Dela'houssaye may be contacted at [email protected]

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