An Independent MLM Trainer – Secretly Recruiting?

Frank Heister, Independent trainer?


Frank Heister lives in Phoenix, Arizona and was born in Germany. He promoted himself as an independent MLM trainer, working in Germany and the USA. However, it seems after his generic trainings he recruits for Seacret Direct instead, which has, of course, upset many leaders in the network marketing industry.

Network Marketing leader Erik Munchmeyer has sent him an open letter, the original version is in German, below you will find the rough translation:

Dear Frank Heister,

We do not know each other personally but I have to write to you something.

I would otherwise do this in private, but you're a public figure. I want to congratulate you with all my heart, you never stop learning as I just had to find … You have invented a new modern form of MLM;

How to build an independent trainer in the background of an MLM organization.

As I learned from your own video you got into MLM about 5 years ago and even though you were promised millions, after 2 years you still had no success. After hearing an MLM trainer say 'it's up to you to change yourself' you decided to become a coach instead.

So far so good, until here it's all the same … people like you, after all. You know the true secrets of Network Marketing. I respect that, and if people like it that's a wonderful thing.

But perhaps you know the saying preach water and drink wine. It really turns my stomach when I see self-proclaimed gurus jump on stage and say that their trainings are generic and no recruiting allowed. Yet, in the background of his own trainings he is recruiting for his own team!

I had highly motivated distributors attending your generic trainings and then after your event, you and your Seacret disciples gathered them and attempted to recruit them. Following that, you did 3 way calls with my top leadership.

Then all are involved where funny videos are shared, sitting with people by candlelight in a circle and tell, with tears, that they were rescued in Seacret Whatsapp groups, where they're told only to recruit people who can afford the $2000 package. 

Let me guess, the next announcement likely coming soon is that you officially are ending your career as a generic coach and are starting in a Network Marketing company — one in which you've already been a part of for over 2 years. I really congratulate you wholeheartedly, first-class work. I hope you are able to look in the mirror every day and are proud of what you have done in MLM.

Yours sincerely,

Erik Munchmeyer

I would rather lose money than trust! – (Frank Heister * 1979)

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