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Havard Michelsen, CEO, ByXpress


ByXpress launched in May 2015. The company invested in this project over two years of intensive development, and the concept was presented to almost 2,000 people in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe. MLM Professional Urban Turnsek has been appointed as CMO.

And the only way you can join ByXpress is for free.

Since the very beginning, the company has been operating from almost all over Europe and is already starting preparations for a strong start at the Asian market, which will follow shortly.

In its core, ByXpress is a search engine. The company incorporated in one place online shopping, travel and booking portals, news, social media, online education, gaming and more.

ByXpress is a revolutionary concept that is combining the biggest online trends under one roof. This is the first platform that unites mobile innovations, advertising trends and contemporary internet tools in one place, with just one click.

The sophisticated traffic system that  ByXpress team has been developing for almost an entire year, enables users to enhance the online advertising to its fullest potential.

CEO Havard Michelsen stated:

We believe that the future of this industry lies in revolutionary platforms. For example Uber, the largest taxi company in the world owns no vehicles, the biggest online seller Alibaba has no inventory, and the biggest social media Facebook creates no content.

We were inspired by the idea to establish a reliable and profitable business model that rewards the people who are using it.

Simply said, we truly want to make a difference in the world because today people create value for many companies and actually get nothing in return. Our goal is to reward everybody for creating value.

This is what makes ByXpress exceptional – our unique rewarding system gives back to members and users.

ByXpress Launch

ByXpress Launch

In addition, we have also invented many of unique products for companies, such as our advertising tool AdBlaster. All advertisers and publishers can use it and benefit from its ready-made advertising system.

We believe that success is a combination of knowledge, and opportunities and for that we created X-Academy – an online training platform by ByXpress focused on developing personal and business skills.

We are introducing thousands of different worldwide providers and we are aiming at localizing all content and services offered. For each and every country.

Our own unique concept lies in everything that the company has created and achieved so far, products of our hard work and passion.

As a CEO, I have worked for over 20 years for many different corporate businesses and I have also established brands, companies, participated in the creation of many great things.

I’m from Norway and I’m 51 years old, married with five children. I studied in Geneva and San Francisco. I’ve also been running my own charity project for the last five years.

Companies, operating under ByXpress are located in London, Gibraltar, Nicosia, Istanbul and Hong Kong.

Currently, part of our company are people from 10 different nations from across Europe.

I also managed to put together a very strong IT team, and we see ourselves as an IT company first and then as a network marketing entity.

About ByXpress

The company’s mission is to create a platform where everyone benefits. Our vision is to reach more than 100 million users in less than 3 years’ time. We believe in this company and we are extremely passionate about what we do. Some people may call hard work stress, but we enjoy what we do, so we like to call it passion.

In addition to emerging trends, ByXpress has formed an exclusive partnership with CoinsRace – a business development platform that supports MobileCoin. We believe that the monetary system of our time over the next decades to come is going to change. And we really want to follow the cryptocurrency trend. What makes MobileCoin different than all other crypto coins out there is that it took MobileCoin just two months after its release to be used for a house purchase. This is also one of the very few real estate deals in the crypto world, yet alone for a two-months-old crypto currency.

If you are interested in it, check its website to learn more:

This partnership was also introduced during the ByXpress launch event with the extraordinary merchant program launch. One of the most anticipated topics at the event were the new ByXpress partnerships. Naturally, the company didn’t disappoint and announced some exceptional deals. You can exchange your MobileCoins worldwide for gold, silver and other precious metals; you can buy cars and motorbikes from official dealerships. And this is just the beginning…

So… What is MobileCoin? Learn here:

 Check the video here:

You can check the website here

And short video about it here:

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