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Jo Clark, Rodan + Fields


Jo Clark is in the top 1% of earners and by rank in her current company of 60,000+ consultants, and is currently nearing the top rank/title in Rodan + Fields called RFx.

Jo now has teams and customers in 20 states across the USA and in Canada, the first country outside the US the company has launched in. As the brand goes global, her goal is to have clients and consultants in every country and to visit those countries in the process.

Her goal is to reach that rank by end of July and to reach $1 million in earnings annually then beyond after that.  She often says she was on the ‘slow boat’ because she had to unlearn everything she ever learned, (including dropping the ego and money focus) but that it was worth every minute for the learning experience.

She has always had an Entrepreneur’s heart, it just took her a minute to make the leap. That’s one thing that makes her relatable to others in the Network Marketing profession despite her Investment Banking and non-Network Marketing Entrepreneur background.

Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Jo Clark:

Jo, you started in the corporate world?

I started out in corporate at Citicorp in Los Angeles and quickly grew to the top performing officer in the State while attending grad school at night for her MBA.

When they refused to pay me even 5% of my portfolio earnings, I resigned and went in to Investment banking, thinking that was my ticket to bigger growth and earnings. I found out it’s a tough place for women, but my joy of working with Entrepreneurs to help them raise capital convinced me to try my hand at it myself.  When I founded the amazon of beauty back in the ‘’ days, my I-bank’s Principals gave me $4 million to start it up and I moved to NYC in the heart of the Silicon Alley.

The  beauty etailer won numerous awards including being named #4 best website on the web (behind at #3).  Similar to Facebook, Snapchat and the Apps of today, the visibility I got led to speeches for Hollywood Directors, quotes in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week and Newsweek; being profiled in Vogue magazine and a cover spot on Women’s Wear Daily, being named among the next generation of beauty leaders.

Jo Clark Rodan + Fields

Jo, how did you got into Network Marketing?

After my company closed, I did consulting and co-created an Interactive beauty experience currently being rolled out in Walgreen’s LOOK Boutiques.  I was looking for another project and that’s when my current company fell in my lap. Never having been in Network marketing before, I was hesitant but knew the company was with was a unique opportunity due to the brand, the founders, the timing and global trends.

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Jo Clark Team

A friend invited you to check out network marketing?

Yes, and while I was hesitant, I was intrigued with the flexible schedule, the uncapped income and the opportunity to coach other people on starting a business. 

I wanted to pick a Company that had the ability to stand the test of time, grow exponentially, non-pyramid structure and with an integrity beyond reproach/ off the charts ethical positioning.  R+F met those criteria and was already globally a shoo-in with Proactiv being 80% market share globally. In addition, it’s one of (if not the only) company in Direct Sales that does NOT pay top Leaders to come over.

For me, that was the ticket.  I wanted anyone to be able to join and have an equal chance to take over the top position at any time due to the structure of the payplan.  In fact, our top male income earner often says “our top income earner has not even joined the Company yet”.

Was it hard to leave your EGO at home?

That was my toughest but most important lesson. In NYC, you are what you do!  When I got back in the real world, I had to come back down from the visibility I had, and the fact that you’re not what you do, you’re who you help.

I often say that Network marketing and RF’s integrity approach taught me how to become a human being.

What facinates you about the industry?

What intrigues me about the Network Marketing industry is:

  • The leverage
  • The flexibility
  • The uncapped income potential
  • The self-mastery required of you
  • The necessity to help others to become successful
  • The bonds/relationships with other people

Why do you have success?

I would say it’s nothing magic.  It’s dogged determination; a willingness to learn and face down what I have yet to learn; an endless, ceaseless desire to up my skills and of course the WHY that it takes to stay focused.

Is personal development important for you and your team?

Absolutely critical!  In fact, I’ll share a new technique I just learned with your Subscribers called The Secret Mirror (for those who are fans of The Secret).

Look in a mirror and in the reflection is you 6-12 months from now in the position you desire. (whether it’s the top rank or whatever goal you have).  Have the reflection say to you “You are a $multi-million achiever; You are (whatever title you want).

You are a Network Marketing Pro and you help others to do achieve supernatural results).  Then believe it.  Then, it’s told your subconscious it’s already happened.  And as we know from the Law of Attraction, you’ve got to feel like it’s already happened to manifest.

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