LIMU Announces Another Major Rank Advancement, As Industry Newcomer Tim Witter Hits 300K

Tim Witter, LIMU


With virtually no industry experience, and by building his team totally organically, LIMU Promoter Tim Witter of Krum, Texas recently reached the 300K rank and was celebrated at the company’s LIMU LIVE! event in Arlington, Texas earlier this month.  As a new 300K, Witter earned a $30,000 cash bonus, and that’s on top of the cash bonuses he received at two previous leadership ranks, $10,000 at 100K and $20,000 at 200K.

“I grew up working in construction, working with my hands.  We got married right out of high school, but we were just surviving paycheck to paycheck,” said Witter.  “As a young family of 4 with nowhere else to turn, we ended up moving in with my wife’s parents, living together in a small extra bedroom with my kids sleeping on a pallet in a corner.

The only job I could get was working for my father-in-law carrying lumber to his job sites, and I was dead broke.  You can imagine how physically and mentally exhausted my wife and I were at that time.  But the LIMU Experience literally saved our lives and gave us the hope we’d been missing for years.  My family and I now live in our own place, and I’m totally committed to helping other people radically change their futures, just like I did with LIMU.”

“Tim has a truly remarkable story, a story of both despair and courage,” said Gary J. Raser, Founder, President and CEO.  “He was clearly working very hard but just not getting anywhere.  Faced with an uncertain future, at one point he and his wife were almost totally destitute and dependent on the kindness of an incredible family.  Through it all, not only does he not lose his sense of purpose – the strong Why that his family represents – but he gains huge confidence through the LIMU Experience.  He rebuilds his life stronger than ever and he’s now made it his personal mission to set people free from whatever holds them back.”

LIMU Promoters earn very early cash bonuses as Tim Witter did, but that’s only part of the story; LIMU Promoters have the opportunity to earn a total of $730,000 in cash bonuses as they achieve ranks from 100K to 2M.  And that opportunity is available to every LIMU Promoter, no matter what their background.

“Tim’s journey shows exactly how LIMU makes it possible for people from all walks of life, whether they have industry experience or not, to create huge success,” said Raser.  “This is one extraordinary young man destined for true greatness and I’m so proud he’s a leader in our LIMU family.  All of us at LIMU celebrate his achievement as one of our newest 300K Promoters.”

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