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LIMU Promoter, Tammy Maltby


LIMU Promoter Tammy Maltby of Colorado Springs, Colorado recently reached the 300K rank with LIMU and was celebrated at the company’s LIMU LIVE! event in Arlington, Texas earlier this month.  Maltby had reached one of LIMU’s highest leadership ranks of 100K in March, and incredibly she hit both the 200K and 300K ranks within the very next 60 days.

“I had a very successful career in television, and as an author and motivational speaker, but in 2008 I faced what I call the tsunami of my life,” Maltby said.  “Through a number of profound losses, I found myself without a job and a home, and my marriage of 20+ years had ended.  I struggled to raise my four teenaged children by myself, slowly rebuilding my career but feeling like my future would be one of pure survival.  Then a friend asked me to look at LIMU and I finally found hope and real purpose.  I had never been in this industry before but I feel my future is now assured, even without prior experience.  And it’s all because I see first-hand what the LIMU Experience has done for me, for my family and for my friends.”

“Tammy’s story and very fast success is hugely inspiring to all of us at LIMU,” said Gary J. Raser, Founder, President and CEO.  “To look up one day and realize that your Plan A is gone, and then motivate yourself to rebuild your life in a totally new industry, that takes real guts.  And Tammy’s hard work in constantly sharing LIMU with an ever-expanding circle of influence is a testament to the success she expects in everything she does.”

At the 300K rank, LIMU Promoters earn a $30,000 cash bonus, and that’s on top of the cash bonuses they’ve earned at previous ranks, $10,000 at 100K and $20,000 at 200K. And those early cash bonuses are only part of the story; LIMU Promoters have the opportunity to earn a total of $730,000 in cash bonuses as they achieve ranks from 100K to 2M.  In just 3 months, from March through May, Maltby earned a total of $60,000 in cash bonuses, in addition to huge commissions.

“Tammy’s not just an amazing LIMU Promoter, she’s the perfect example of what makes LIMU a very different kind of company.  She’s new to the industry, without any previous experience, but she’s still been able to have huge success in a very short time, all organically,” said Raser.  “Leveraging key elements of our proven system – including waiting rooms, contesting and carryover volume – she’s building a significant home-based business which has changed the future course of her whole life, the course of her children’s lives.  We congratulate Tammy not just for becoming one of our newest 300K Promoters, but for climbing our LIMU leadership ranks so quickly.”

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