NuViza Top Leader Interview With Deniz Felix Tinoco

Deniz Feliz Tinoco,NuViza


How did you discover Network marketing?

My career started while I was working at Lutheran Medical Center in New York. It was tough because I was working 12 hour shifts just to get by. I had terrible relationships with people and pretty much was depressed all the time. I definitely wanted a change but didn't know where to start.

I received a phone call from a childhood friend of mine who I hadn't spoken to in years. He told me he was going to be attending an event and wanted to introduce me to a few successful business people he was working with. Thinking I was going to this event to support my friend, I came out of there amazed with what I saw this industry could do for me. 

Did personal development play an important part in your success?

Prior to this industry I wasn't aware of the importance of personal development when it came to success. It wasn't until I met Ahmad Evaji and sat through one of his personal development / leadership trainings that it opened my eyes to how great a human being can be.

Going through the growth and personal development definitely helped my business because not only was I showing people how to make money so I could make money but I truly and genuinely fell in love with people and the vision of making this world a better place. 

Are you a massive recruiter or are you more selective who to partner with?

My strength is helping people get results quickly and duplicating that effect, I believe people come into this industry to see results and even though they will not become millionaires overnight, they can begin to get a glimpse of what the future holds for them in their first couple of weeks, days or even hours through plugging them into the system and getting them results right away.

What are the biggest reasons that you attribute the success that you, and your team have had in your NuViza business?

I always say I will consider myself truly successful when those around me have the lifestyle they've dreamed of. Everything our team has accomplished is because of the hard work of every single person in our organization and the great support support system Nuviza has in place for everyone, whether they are a veteran networker or someone just getting started in the industry. 

What was your biggest challenge to build up a team?

In the beginning, I thought that you needed the nicer things to attract people. But my mentor showed me how the first thing people fall in love with is not the company or the products, it was me. That meant to me that I needed to give them something good to fall in love with. So I decided to start working on myself because if I wanted powerful team players it had to start with me. 

How has your life changed through your success in network marketing?

It has become better in every aspect. Financially, socially and personally. I personally lost 67 pounds from using the products, which my family is very happy about. I have amazing people around me, a partner that loves me, and a community that trusts me — along with all the other perks like being able to travel around the world. Even though my family lives on the other side of the country I'm able to spend time with them often. But, I would say the most important thing is that I am happy.

What are the benefits of the NuViza compensation plan?

The most attractive thing for me about the compensation plan was the simple rules. There are so many plans out there that have all kinds of requirements, rules, sub-rules, and I realized when a company makes a plan like that, it’s usually not in favor of the promoters. With NuViza, there are only 2 rules that impact your earnings, be active with at least 50 points, and the volume for your rank. That’s it, it’s easy to understand and super aggressive! There are 3 parts that make the NuViza compensation plan unique:

The Megaline team – it’s something that has never been seen before and is changing the way people earn in MLM. All promoters regardless of who sponsors them are in one team, one line. Which means, someone starting today, who lacks the skills of building a business, can leverage ALL of the previously enrolled promoters efforts because the next person enrolled in NuViza becomes a part of their Megaline team.
The instant payouts. NuViza pays daily, so someone who starts today will already see their first paycheck by midnight!

True unlimited depth. The combination of the hybrid uni-level and the megaline system, we earn off of ALL the volume in the team, from day one, forever. There is no breakoff, or limitation to levels etc.

Who are your mentors? Do you have a mentor, do you think a mentor is important?

My first mentor in Network Marketing was Ahmad Evaji, when I first met him I just fell in love with his philosophy of when you help others get what they want, you will get what you want and showing the world how great a human being can be. Ahmad Evaji has played a very important role in my life as he has become a living role model for me to follow, I knew that by sticking to someone with an unshakeable spirit I would learn to emulate that.

What is the key to duplication and building leaders?

Through my years of building teams I've learned the fastest way to duplicate a leader is to (1) lead by example and (2) do it with them in the beginning. First, I do and you watch, then you do and I watch, then you do. Every person is different and has a different learning curve so for me it's crucial to stick to these steps while providing the right information. I didn't want to limit myself so I would network and train potential leaders from all walks of life and it's what allowed me to expand to other areas (Indonesia, Latin America, Russia, India, Africa, Australia, Asia).

Did you start from scratch building up your team?

Yes, the most interesting thing to me is when I found NuViza, the whole focus was on “Organic” growth. Which was the opposite of what I saw so many other companies doing. Rather than “buying” distributors from existing companies and making deals with them for their gain, NuViza chose to do the opposite of that. Every person who enrolled was trained from scratch, helped, coached, myself included.

This is the foundation to a very solid system and even today drives our business. I fell in love with the philosophy of the founder because I could see he was focused on the long term, truly changing the way the industry builds, and changing the world through taking care of everyone in the process. That’s why I love NuViza!!

What are your plans for your future? What are your plans and goals for the future?

Business-wise is to have leaders in each continent and help take NuViza to a multi-billion dollar company. On a personal level, I would like to open hospitals in countries to help those in need. I think it’s one of the ways I can share my success with the world. I actually started a blog I call “Life without limits” to share my experiences with anyone who is looking to see what this industry can do for them and help them in the process of creating their stories.

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