Relationship Marketing Coaching Company Launches In The UK

Network Marketing HO, Founder, Nathan Sloan


The network marketing industry, also known as multi level marketing , has been around for over fifty years, first starting out in America. The industry creates over $ 150 Billion in sales annually and has millions of people now involved.

This year saw the launch of a brand new network marketing coaching company, Network Marketing HQ. This online company is a new resource that has been created to help people from all walks of life, understand all about the direct selling industry and then helps people get started with their own business.

The company was founded by Nathan Sloan, who had spent years working his way up the corporate ladder in online marketing. After being responsible for hundreds of thousands of pounds in improved sales for his clients, Sloan now is focusing on helping people start their own businesses.

“The industry is going through a big transition. The ‘old way’ of building the business used to be about talking with as many people as possible to find the people who was interested. However, the Internet has changed all that.” Says Sloan.

“For the first time in history, people can now use the Internet to find people who are actually interested in building a business. This is a game changer and excellent for people wanting to start this kind of business. This is a very exciting time to be in business.”

What does this mean for the network marketing industry? Only time will tell. One thing is clear, the Internet is changing the way traditional business is being done. For the first time last year, online sales overtook high street sales and the trend appress to only be increasing.

About Network Marketing HQ

Founded in 2014, Network Marketing HQ exists to help people become financially independent through network marketing. What makes the company unique is that they have positioned themselves and have been designed for the ‘post Internet’ way of business. The ‘old way’ of doing business was primarily done through cold calling techniques, which was one of the main reasons why the industry had received a bad name.

Today, the new way of doing business is by building a network of people who are actually looking to start this type of business. Our goal is to educate people on a smarter way of working, doing business and to change the direct selling industry it in to a profession.

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