Skincare MLM YouLab Global Launches

Barry Cocheu, YouLab Global, President


CEO and Founder John de Vries announced the launch of YouLab Global, the new Ageless Living brand, last night at 6 pm PST in a live streaming event in the USA.

YouLab Global is expected to be one of the most powerful social commerce companies in the world. To accomplish this, de Vries, a 30 year veteran of brand building, has assembled a diverse team of consultants to formulate all the products. These include chemists, biochemists, nutritional experts, pharmacists, and manufacturers that are all on the forefront of product research and development. 

De Vries has an eye for some of the top corporate talent which has landed him a team of dynamic individuals with many years of experience in the industry. The company will be headed up by newly named President Barry Cocheu, formerly of Zurvita and AmeriSciences, and Sharon Tahaney, former executive for Tupperware and leadership consultant and creative resource for Mary Kay, as Chief Strategy Officer.

“I am thrilled to be at the foundation of such a break-through in Ageless Living,” states Barry Cocheu, President of YouLab Global. “John de Vries’ recipe of top talent, ground-breaking technology and amazing resources has guaranteed YouLab Global’s place in the market as a successful global brand.”

“Connecting innovative products to consumers through passionate and committed entrepreneurs is what I have built my career on and I am excited to be on the leadership team alongside John de Vries and Barry Cocheu from YouLab Global’s start,” said Sharon Tahaney, Chief Strategy Officer. 

With proprietary products in the exploding growth market of anti-aging, YouLab Global is poised to become a leader in the direct selling industry. The new and exclusive line will feature products that target Ageless Living with patented Nano Technology allowing hydration and rejuvenation of the skin from the inside out, as well as products supporting cellular health.


YouLab Global is an Ageless Living company guided by Vision, Belief, Integrity and Passion.

Our products allow you to FEEL the results and work from the Inside Out. We are a social commerce company with products marketed through independent distributors.

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