Xicepta Launches Nutritional Supplement

Sol Manaay Xicepta


Xicepta Sciences, Inc. launched its latest nutritional supplements called Mind Beans for its multi-level marketing company Xicepta Global.

The endorsers of the products are body building champions former Mr. World/USA 1998-1999 Jimmy Badra and Emeric Delczeg, who competed in Mr. Olympia. MMA champion John Terry was also present at the launch and proudly showed off his championship belt and had high praises to the efficacy of the supplements.

Sol Manaay, Ph.D and CEO of Xicepta Sciences said their supplements are “21st century science rooted in fundamentals of life and nature.”

Dr. John Hayden, co-founder of Xicepta, who heads its research laboratory, has a Ph.D in molecular biology and a Ph.D In mathematical medicine among other credentials.

Xicepta Sciences, Inc. describes its supplements as a new generation of wellness products derived from molecular and embryonic materials. Their science-based products are cutting-edge and include unique, patentable ingredients for regeneration and rejuvenation. Xicepta supplements are now available through Xicepta Global, a multi-level-marketing organization. 


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