Brig And Lita Hart Join Forces With EvolvHealth

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Brig and Lita Hart, icons of the network marketing industry and founders of the Healthy Home Company, are announcing the unification of their Healthy Home mission with the HOPE Movement of EvolvHealth.

In what has been a long-term relationship between the companies for over two years, the founders of both companies have agreed to join their missions of purpose together to change the course of the network marketing industry.

“This decision represents an unparalleled opportunity in the industry for all those who are seeking HOPE – physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually,” said Brig Hart, the entrepreneur responsible for the atmospheric revenue growth in his last business, and responsible for driving over $8 billion of revenue, and recruiting over 3 million people, through multiple network marketing companies over his career.

“My success has been the result of focusing on the 5 Ps – Purpose, People, Products, Plan for Compensation, and Program for Success; and this decision provides us the platform to impact people in need of HOPE unlike any other company ever has,” said Brig Hart, author of Hope for Economic Hopelessness.

Evolv’s mission of HOPE – Helping Other People Evolv – integrates tightly with Healthy Home’s ToxicFree movement, now with a unified mission to Help Other People Evolv to be ToxicFree physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually.

“It’s time for people to find some HOPE for their health, and the Evolv product line, based on voluminous scientific studies and myriad testimonials, is the perfect way to do that and our team couldn’t be more excited!” Brig Hart.

Brig, and his wife Lita, have experienced unmatched success in the industry due to their commitment to a Program for Success that teaches and trains even the newest and most inexperienced in the industry on how to be successful and reach their goals. “Over the past two years, we have worked directly with our core field leaders, led by Ryan Chamberlin, to develop a powerful and unity Program for Success called Uevolv.

We believe, with the Hart’s experience, highly successful tools and the knowledge of developing proven systems, this partnership in HOPE will enable us to Help Other People Evolv in a way that is unprecedented,” said Craig Smith, President of Evolv Health.

“The Evolv compensation plan is one of the richest in the industry. I’ve been in this situation before – ideal timing, rich plan, incredible products, and a pure mission. You watch what’s going to happen. We are going to help people reach success they never dreamed was imaginable. And then, we are going to make an impact around the world that no other company in this industry has ever even dreamed of.

Anyone who knows us, knows that we are givers, and partnering with Evolv allows us the opportunity to help this company be a leader in social entrepreneurship and support charitable organizations in a way that is nothing short of inspirational,” Brig Hart.

Brent Hicks, co-founder of Evolv said, “We founded Evolv based on a commitment to Help Other People Evolv to be free – free of debt, free to be healthy, and free of toxins in their emotional and spiritual environment. Joining forces with the Harts and Healthy Home, with their commitment to being ToxicFree is a match made in heaven.

Now we are focused on delivering this message of HOPE and belief and being ToxicFree around the world. We want people to pledge a life of significance, to live in accordance with their core values, to commit to one another, and to live a life of significance and HOPE.”

More information on Healthy Home* can be found at and on Evolv and the HOPE Movement at
Believers welcome.

*The Healthy Home Company will continue to operate as an online shopping club, providing a ToxicFree environment for the home. Healthy Home members and reps will continue to earn Commissions and be able to purchase products.

As of August 1st, no new reps will be able to join the Healthy Home Company as a “distributor”.

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