FuXion Convention Peru Attracts 10,000+ Attendees

Alvaro Benavides, CEO, Fuxion


The beautiful city of Lima, Peru, was host to the most anticipated FuXion event of the year, Alumbra 2015. Four days of celebration, happiness and triumph where more than 10,000 entrepreneurs from the Americas got together to celebrate the realization of their dreams.

Álvaro Zúñiga, FuXion’s CEO, together with his wife Silvia Vargas, were received amid a great ovation to the stage of Alumbra 2015. In his welcome address, he showed how the integration with new and more advanced biotechnology will greatly improve FuXion’s line of products.  As a result of the strategic alliance with the American company Innophos, all of FuXion’s products will include calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc in organic carrier, which will enhance their absorption and nutritional impact.

Brenda Quintana, manager of SER FuXion, talked about a new phase in the development of the emotional health of FuXion entrepreneurs. With this purpose in mind, the powerful educational structure of the Fuxion Expansion and Result System will be launched.

Lina Orellana, manager of Engagement was in charge of presenting one of the stars of the event, OffiX, the new virtual office. In development for almost a year by the FuXion Technology Lab and built on the industry-leading technological platform of Exigo, OffiX will allow entrepreneurs to manage their business strategies immediately and intuitively.

She was followed by Claudio Morgan, manager of Communication and Digital Strategies, who introduced the new FuXion App, Acelerador X, which will be used to virtually learn and advance in the FuXion business.

FuXion Convention Peru 2015

FuXion Convention Peru

To close the day, Randy Gage shared his experience in a training session that taught the entrepreneurs to value the amazing platform they have in FuXion.  He taught that they have in their hands an amazing gift which could transform their lives forever. One of the important lessons for the entrepreneurs was that they must ask themselves which moments will define the rest of their lives, by making the necessary decisions that will help them reach their goals.

The second day began with terrific news: the next exclusive leadership trip for up to one hundred leaders will be to the Mauritius Islands in Africa.  The next bonus trip will be to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  Finally the big announcement that Alumbra 2016 will take place in Medellin, Colombia.

Randy Gage FuXion

Also, for the first time, we experienced the Diamond Forums, where our great leaders, with our regional managers as moderators, shared with us their testimonies and clear vision of the path to take in order to reach this milestone rank.

Ricardo Rodríguez Novoa, Diego and Cesar Talledo, Margarita Patiño, Alan Badilla, Ronald Rengifo, and Oscar Araya, Top Leaders in the Company were in charge of sharing their experiences and offering advice through wonderful and emotional training sessions which showed why 2015 is the year of the conquest.

The third day began with an interesting forum where the regional managers – Lina Orellana, Karol Alegre, Carlos Haro and Jairo Bernal – together with Renato Pastor, manager of Support Service for the Entrepreneur – shared achieved results and goals, and presented the company’s growing projections in all FuXion countries.

One of the most anticipated moments of Alumbra 2015 came with the introduction of John C. Maxwell, writer, speaker and, renowned expert in the world of leadership. He left the stage of Alumbra 2015 with the powerful idea of searching for personal strength and talent.  By identifying 5 personal activities that are necessary to achieve one’s goals and working on these consistently, this will allow the person to achieve success.  Then, Álvaro Zúñiga, FuXion’s CEO, joined him on stage to announce a collaborative project between FuXion and John C. Maxwell.

John Maxwell - FuXion

This spectacular segment was followed by a training sessions of the stars with the introduction of FuXion’s Diamond Millionaires: Luca Melloni and Lily Rosales from Peru, and Edison Ortiz and Nathalia Ponce, from Ecuador.  They showed the pathway to success in FuXion.  Luca and Lily shared their vision as the cornerstone idea that every conquest begins with a personal conquest which will lead to success.  Edison and Nathalia gave a detailed list of all the necessary tools the entrepreneurs need in order to move towards the completed conquest of their business and their lives.

Alumbra’s 2015 crowning moment arrived when Álvaro Zúñiga, came back to the stage to thank the audience and reinforce the knowledge acquired during the entire event making a calling for conquest.  He asked them to recall the vision of John C. Maxwell based on the 5 things that people can do every day to keep growing in the business and his own fundamentals in prospecting, presenting, closing, duplicating, and training.  All of this grows from the basic idea of being an example to others in true health and in order to maintain a coherent message.

Entrepreneurs, trainers, staff and corporate team members joined him on the stage to close this great party as a group full of enthusiasm, happiness and triumph. Finally, an amazing show of fireworks made the city of Lima tremble and painted on the horizon the way to Medellin for Alumbra 2016.

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