Vemma’s Defense Shields up – Asking For Testimonials

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Kevin Thompson, the MLM attorney is hired by Vemma as one of their attorney's and he requests Vemma customers and affiliates to help with Vemma's defense.

As one of the voices in the Direct Selling industry, we are glad to help this company, which is under sieg, and we would do so for any other company 🙂

There is a file to fill in for satisfied Vemma customers and affiliates to give their honest opinion about the products and other experiences.

It helps tremendous in Vemma's defense against the FTC Charge.

In below video Kevin Thompson explains:


Kevin Thompson says:

The instructions are included in the video.

#1 Get the word file here:…/sd950goq8c9jdlluteyhquu6gh…

#2 Complete your affidavit, get it notarized. Be sure to delete the highlighted fields. Those are there to get you started. The affidavit needs to be in your own words.

#3 Upload a copy of the notarized form here:

Save the original just to be safe.

About Kevin Thompson and Thomson Burton:

Thompson Burton PLLC is a full service law firm based in the quickly growing Cool Springs area of Nashville, Tennessee.

Thompson Burton redefines the art of law by utilizing creativity, technology, flexibility and innovation to more effectively deliver information and connect with our clients. With that in mind, we’re not wedded to the old ways of practicing law behind bookcases and conference room tables. We’re committed to delivering exceptional results while maintaining our vision for transparency and accessibility.

The Thompson Burton law firm has formulated a bold vision for creating something remarkable in the legal sector. With the growing sophistication of clients and the increased connectivity of the world, Thompson Burton represents an advancement in the delivery of legal services. Mutual respect for our clients and colleagues is at the very core of our philosophy.

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