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Xinping Ning or PingPing Ning is an Ambit Energy Executive Consultant, this is what she had to say about her road to success:

I’m an immigrant from Mainland China and also a single-mother. When I first came to the US, everything was alien to me. I had to start all over again and adjusted myself to the environment, including language, work, social life, etc.

In order to make a living, I had to work and tried different things. I had waited tables, provided care to the elderly, and even worked at a poultry processing factory as a feather-clearing laborer.

After several years of hard work, I was able to establish my own businesses. I started a restaurant, a beauty salon and a moving company with some friends and still own them. Having my own businesses and making some good money used up all of my time!  Working more than 12 hours a day leaves me with hardly any time at all to look after and care about my teenage son. I’ve to admit that I owe my son a lot. This is something I always feel guilty and regretful of.

In March 2013, while I worked as a volunteer for Tzuchi, a non-profit organization in San Francisco, California, a friend of mine told me that he could help reduce my utility bill. However, he didn’t tell me that I could also make money at the same time. After attending an Ambit Opportunity Business Presentation and learned about The Deregulation of Energy and the unique opportunity created by Ambit Energy, I couldn’t wait and joined Ambit right away.

I like volunteer work because I like helping people. Being an Energy Consultant, I can help others save some money on their utility bills. How nice, I thought! After further knowing that I could make money by helping others save money, I didn’t need a second thought. So I asked my existing businesses partners to take care of my part so that I could focus on Ambit.

I got promoted to RC in 3 weeks, to SC in 8 weeks, and to EC in 20 months. I’m dedicated to my Ambit business because it’s so unique. There are no inventories, no deliveries, and no collections to deal with.  It is very different from the three traditional businesses that I own; and most important of all—we are dealing with energy, a necessity in life.

Over the last 2 years, I’ve come across lots of challenges, such as misunderstanding, distrust, discouragement, etc. I’ve friends who even thought that I’ve lost my mind by neglecting my other businesses and working on something worthless. My son blamed me for putting Ambit on top of him.

But I know that no business is easy, especially at the beginning. I’m so glad to have a great team of core business partners who really support each other. My motto in life is: “With Hard work, Consistency, and Persistency – Nothing is Unachievable.”

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsors, Kenny Yeung and his wife, all my team members, business partners, and all those who’ve assisted, supported and encouraged me in my Ambit business. In addition, I especially would like to express my utmost gratitude to the Ambit leadership in their tireless support and encouragement.

Last but not least, I want to say to my son, “I love you, my dearest. You’re my #1 and you’re my everything!” and I’m going to enjoy the upcoming 5-star trip with him in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in October.

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