Ambit Energy’s Vincent Polidori Shares His Success Story

Vincent Polidori,Ambit Energy

Vincent Polidori from Ambit Energy shares his story; 

I started my Ambit Energy business back in the Summer of 2007 a couple of months after the NYC launch for electric. I had been introduced to the opportunity from a childhood friend that I trusted and like me was a Financial Adviser. In addition I also maintained a Real Estate license part time so between the 2 businesses I was working 70 + hr weeks.

To be honest I really didn't know how I could fit in or make time for a third career so on blind faith and with the understanding that this was a 100% necessity based service, I jumped in. I did what most new network marketers do and that's tell everyone I knew starting with friends,family, and business associates about both the opportunity as well as the service. I was amazed at how few people knew about energy deregulation and since Ambit as a company was less then a year old most had never heard about them either. 

With many business opportunities this is where things either get tricky or people start to flounder. Anytime you have to stake your name and reputation on the line with people you have long term relationships with it's somewhat of a gamble and can be challenging. When I compared the size of the investment in Ambit Energy to the investments I'd make and recommend between the Financial Markets and Real Estate it was not only significantly less but much easier to explain to people. I was also very comfortable with the customer savings guarantees,  and travel perks. 

As bad luck would have it, 2008 greeted me (and everyone) with a Financial Crisis in both the Stock and Real Estate Markets that hadn't been seen since the Great Depression! Major brokerage houses went under, people were losing home and jobs left and right so my monthly commissions totally imploded. That's when I realized what a Blessing such a timely and simple business like Ambit Energy was. Not only did it continue to grow exponentially from 2007 through 2010 but the company just kept expanding from State to State and now offered natural gas service as well. This is when my confidence in the company, their management, and the concept just kept growing and growing. 

Regardless of how bad thing got during the Financial crisis my Ambit business and team just kept growing at an astonishing pace. Not only did it supplement the income I lost from my other 2 businesses but I was being taught and trained by some of the top money earners in the the company. Steve Thompson is a premier and accomplished network marketer / author for over 2 decades and here I am building a business from NY in a half dozen Sates under his guidance. I couldn't have asked for more. 

Here's the main thing about the Ambit business opportunity that makes it more enjoyable and stress free then any company  or industry. I work it when, where, and with WHO I want to conduct business with. On average I'm working on building and collaborating with my team between 5 – 7 hours a week. The majority of time is spent between the phone, laptop, and 1 or 2 team meetings a month. This is the TRUE definition of part – time and owning your own Life! I look forward to early retirement from my at least one of my full time careers as my Ambit Energy part business income surpasses them. 

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