Demond & Qiana Crump Earn $50,000+ In 1st Month At Youlab Global

Demond Qiana Crump Youlab


Youlab Global, a new social commerce company taking the anti-aging direct selling marketplace by storm, is pleased to report Demond & Qiana Crump earned over $50,000 in commissions and bonuses their first month in the business.

“What I’ve realized and what I’ve come to respect in this industry is when you have the opportunity to work with corporate leadership that understands the dynamics of what it takes to build the field, it also helps build the company,” states Demond Crump. “If you’re able to find the right company and start at the beginning, this is where the wealth is created. When you join a company in the beginning, no matter how skilled or talented someone who joins later will be, they will never be able to surpass those people financially who were there at the start.”

That’s why Youlab Global is attracting so many people in its first few weeks of business — by offering the same opportunity that so many leaders have had with their respective companies. “Demond has such a huge plan in place,” says John de Vries, Youlab Global’s CEO and Founder. “We have the vision, the products, the best compensation plan and the best leadership in place. This is the start of an Ageless Living revolution in the network marketing industry.”

“If your vision is strong enough, you can actually will the company to go in the direction you desire it to go,” says Demond. “When a company hits its initial momentum like Youlab Global is experiencing now, these developing leaders’ wealth is being solidified. For them, for their children, and for their children’s children.”


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Youlab Global is an Ageless Living company guided by Vision, Belief, Integrity and Passion. Our products allow you to FEEL the results and work from the Inside Out. We are a social commerce company with products marketed through independent distributors. To learn more, visit


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