FTC – Receiver Email To The Vemma Database – An Abuse Of Government Power?

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Whatever happened in the USA with innocent till proven guilty?

When the Vemma receiver (the court appointed lawyer) sends out a copy of the FTC lawsuit to hundred thousands of active customers and affiliates around the world, 12 years of the company networking efforts gets blown up with ONE push of the send button. All this before Vemma gets to stand in front of a judge.

Below email was send out in the name of Vemma Corporate, which confused many people, thinking BK Boreyko and the corporate team has done so.

Unbelievable an USA government agency can come into your office, and send a massive email out on your behalf, around the world, without telling customers, not Vemma is doing so, but the FTC – receiver. I call this abuse of government power. I am not an USA lawyer but this feels so wrong.

MLM insider Troy Dooloy commented: I agree. In other cases where a receiver has been appointed under TRO (a court order) they waited until the first hearing before starting to dismantle the assets of the company.

Receiver email to Vemma Database

Meanwhile the court appointed Temporary receiver Robb Evens has on the 4th of September, in his capacity as Vemma Receiver, filed a report of his activities dated August 24th to September 4th.

Robb Evens found out of the hundreds Vemma video's a couple which has not a income disclaimer, and out of $200 million in revenue, only 38 complaints, 42% or 16 complaints involved Anthony Powell.

According to his negative mindset: Vemma made a loss in 2014 and 2015, without revealing Vemma has invested in Customer Care and new products. Any business owner knows that it takes time after an significant investment to get profitable again. No word if there is enough working capital in the company…

His biased conclusion to the judge.

Presently, the Temporary Receiver cannot operate the Corporate Defendants lawfully and profitably.

This are the highlights (or lowlights) of his report:

The Temporary Receiver requested that management produce information on 2015 sales to Affiliates and non-Affiliate consumers located in the United States and Canada.The Temporary Receiver reviewed the preliminary information produced by the management and learned the sales to non-Affiliate customers were about 22% of the 2015 sale.

Approximately 86% in product sales was sold to Affiliates and only 14% was sold to customers between January 2013 and August 2015.

In addition, the Temporary Receiver obtained a consolidated income statement from the companies’ accounting department. The income statement for the period from January 1, 2015 through June 30, 2015 shows a loss of approximately $1.4 million.

Vemma worldwide operations in fact incurred net losses of $1.3 million in 2014 and $4.1 million for the six months ended June 30, 2015.

In light of the restrictions in the Temporary Restraining Order against paying compensation related to the purchase or sale of goods or services unless the majority of the compensation is derived from sales to or purchases by non-Affiliates, restarting any form of business operations could no longer be considered.

The receiver about compliance:

Of the many videos viewed by the Temporary Receiver, one that was apparently produced by the company (“Vemma Films”) described the beginning of the “Vemma revolution – YPR.” The video discusses how students obligate themselves to huge student debt only to fail after getting a college degree.A 26-year old reportedly earning a million dollars a year described the difference between a college degree and the money that could be made through participation in Vemma.

This video was also high-energy, fast-paced and featured expensive cars, jets and pictures of young people drinking Vemma. There was no income disclaimer at the end of the video.

Another video titled, “2014 YPR All Access Vemma Hawaii Ambassador Retreat” showed attractive young men and women in a tropical paradise in a luxury hotel in what appeared to be a non-stop party atmosphere. The Affiliates were pictured on a luxury yacht drinking Verve. Again, there was no income disclaimer even though the video depicted a very wealthy lifestyle.

The receiver about Tom Alkazin:

Tom Alkazin stated in a film released by the “Vemma Network” that an Affiliate using the “Fast Start Bonus” program could make from $500 to $3,000 in the first four to eight weeks. Mr. Alkazin also discussed using the Cycle Bonus as a way to earn $20,000 a week. There was no income disclaimer in this video.

The receiver about Customer complaints:

In response to a request from the Temporary Receiver for copies of consumer complaints, the Field Compliance Manager provided documents with a posted note that indicated the documents contained 38 total complaints. These consumer complaints covered a time period from March 2013 through May 2014. Complaints involved credit card fraud, refund requests and product return issues.

The receiver about Anthony Powell:

Of the 38 complaints, 16 involved “GPS” or “42% GPS Related.” (Global Global Pro Systems, Anthont Powell's company / lead system). The company made a material misrepresentation when they claimed that they had no control over GPS’ marketing tactics. This would indicate that the most successful Affiliates are not subject to the same level of scrutiny as the less successful Affiliates.


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