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Loraine Nelson,AMbit Energy


Loraine Nelson a single parent of a College-age daughter, who is studying to become a Veterinary Physician, knows what it’s like to juggle a busy schedule. She shares her story in her own words;

Currently I am the Founder and CEO of Dial-A-VA, LLC a virtual assistance business founded in September 2007 and seasonally, I also work on political campaigns having been a Campaign Manager myself. That’s not all; I have also made a career of volunteering with numerous non-profit organizations in Brooklyn, New York.

Recently in May 2015 I quitted my Real Estate Assistant job in Westchester County, New York to run my  Ambit Business full time.  Having worked for over 50 hours weekly for the last 5 years, I thought it was time to quit my full time real estate assistant job hence I sent my Broker a letter stating a line I learned from my Upline Steve Thompson “I have an eye problem and I can’t see myself working here any longer”. I knew my Ambit Business was going to be my exit strategy for good, and I have already decided that I want to be a part of this new American Energy Gold Rush full time, staking in some of the millions to be made.

It has always been my dream to spend more time and share in my daughter’s extra curriculum activities. The income and all the extra assignments/jobs I did definitely were not helping me to live the lifestyle I wanted for me and my daughter. All my income went to paying bills and late charges so as to avoid ending up in the Asylum. I then decided I was not going to let being a single mom become a setback for me. Instead I embracemy single mom status and kept on hustling to seek out a better life for me and my daughter.

Electrifying Opportunity

I was introduced to Ambit Energy twice before making a commitment; firstly by a Physician/City Council Candidate whom I turned down due to the fact I was sick and tired of network marketing, having been in so many begging friends and family to do me a favor to support my new gig. I was not getting the results I had anticipated. Secondly in February 2010 I was approached by a New York City Police Officer who was introduced to me by a mutual friend. My Ambit journey then begins.

I was very impressed with Ambit. The monthly residual compensation based upon customers’ paying their monthly utility bills made perfect sense. Most impressively, my first direct deposit check was more than my initial investment of $458.26, exactly seven days after I became a marketing consultant.

At this point my momentum started to build up and I was determined to move to the next level to earn “Real Cash” in my first 30 days; especially considering Ambit was still in its early stages. I met my expectations by becoming a Regional Consultant in 13 days and a Senior Consultant in 2 months working the business part, part, part-time weekly. Honestly, the income I gather from Ambit Energy was something I never ever made it in any other network marketing business. There is absolutely no way I could stop my Ambit Business based on the income I have received in a year doing the business part, part, part-time.

Creating My Own “Independence Day”

Having been ridiculed, laughed at and stood up so many times about my Ambit Business, trying to identify like-minded individuals who could also see the company’s vision, the wheel eventually turned. I remain focused and determined to prove my friends and associates wrong; I moved from my old neighborhood to a more sophisticated neighborhood closer to the serenity of the water and golf course. The Lord has blessed me to pay off one of my daughter’s two school loans with my monthly residual check and now working to get rid of the final loan. Just for being an Ambit Customer, I have been refunded checks and received a 7-day vacation voucher to a destination of my choice. What better lifestyle can one crave? Having your own independence and to be time free and financially free so I can purchase goods and services I want and like, NOT just the ones I can afford.

I am finally starting to live “The American Dream” – Ambit Energy has given me the opportunity to dream again. I will be dreaming even bigger as the Company gets ready to roll out solar energy in Fall 2015. It’s a great company with unlimited and endless opportunity. If you’re looking to be truly financially free and take control of your future, then you have come to the right network marketing business. You can even find your soul-mate in this company. I am very excited about what the future holds for many new prospects coming on board so they too can tell their story.

The Buck Stops Here

One question I often ask my prospects is: “How many times for today or this week did you conduct a search on Google or any other search engines? Did you get even a quarter ($0.25) for using any of those search engines?”

Can you imagine the amount of money we would make if Google or other search engines were paying us each time we conducted a search?” Well, Ambit pays us handsomely on each customer’s bill month after month as long as the customers remain with us.

My next stop on this Ambit Energy train towards financial freedom is to grow my team to over 1,000 Consultants while generating thousands of customers to save on their energy bills in deregulated markets and possibly get it for FREE.

Take Control Of Your Future

In the end, the most important thing to me as I grow my Ambit Business, is the ability to help others in need to better their lives and to assist nonprofit organizations more with the challenging terrain of fundraising.

Remember:   A desire profits nothing, a decision profits something and determination profits everything. This is an electrifying opportunity because energy is something everyone uses. W2 days are over; it’s a 1099 world now and it does not matter if you have been to jail or you are living internationally; Ambit Energy will show you how to unlock your true potential in this billion dollar industry.

Stay energized, give God the glory, have faith and take it one day at a time.


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