The Direct Selling Association – No Backbone When You Are Under Siege

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According to the Direct Selling Organisation (DSA) website: DSA's services to members are designed to meet the needs of one person critical to the industry's growth and future success — you — the direct selling executive.

In addition, DSA's portfolio of services includes offerings to meet the needs of your company, your staff specialists and your people in the field.

Earlier Avon cancelled their DSA membership and more companies are reviewing their membership.

If there is one case in which the DSA could have been of added value then it is in the Vemma – FTC Case. Earlier DSA President Joe Mariano said:

Receiving a DSA ETHOS Award is a testament to the commitment a company (Vemma) has made to being a model for the highest standards in business practices and ethics,

However last week the DSA stated:

“Earlier today, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced action against Vemma Nutrition Company alleging violations of federal law, which, if true, would also constitute violations of DSA’s Code of Ethics.

“Every member of our Association, including Vemma, is required to abide by our Code as a condition of membership. All companies which use the direct selling model must uphold the highest ethical business standards, including polices that protect consumers and members of the salesforce against unrealistic earnings, lifestyle and product claims.

Basically the DSA says: We are out.

A corporate executive commented as follows on a Facebook post:

One question that pops up all the time is; What about the DSA,?

The DSA is all about memberships and finance. Yes, they contribute to self regulation till a certain extent. All fine but Dura lex sed lex; The law is harsh but it is the law and the DSA has no part in that as it's not a regulator.

Period! To be very blunt. A DSA membership means nothing in regards to being LEGALLY compliant. And it shows with this current case right? This company (VEMMA) is a longstanding DSA member. The FTC is after them.

An other commented:

It sounds like Joe Mariano needs to be given Hypocrite of the Year award. 2 years ago Vemma wins an award, and now they're getting bitch-slapped by that same group. It's nice to know who your friends are when you're up against the wall! Maybe Vemma & BK need to take the knife out of their back.

And my opinion in good Dutch english: The DSA has no balls.

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