Vemma Customer Victims – Where Are They?

Vemma Victims


According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the USA:

“Defendants (Vemma) are running a global pyramid scheme that has likely victimized hundreds of thousands or millions of consumers”.

We at Business for Home are pretty familar with Vemma since year 2006. We have searched intensive for hundrerd thousands of Vemma Consumer Victims however can NOT find them at all.

Not under our 4 -5 million annual visitors, not under our 45,000 Facebook Business page fans….

Massive customer complaints about the products? Sure there would be some, however Victimized hundreds of thousands or millions of customers? 

That is a FTC statement which that agency can NOT prove, and is mispresenting the case Pur Sang.

What we have noticed are many satisfied customers who are running low on the product and are looking for a way to get their Vemma and Verve products.

The FTC makes a bogus statement….

About the FTC:

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is an independent agency of the United States government, established in 1914 by the Federal Trade Commission Act. Its principal mission is the promotion of consumer protection and the elimination and prevention of anticompetitive business practices, such as coercive monopoly.

The Federal Trade Commission Act was one of President Woodrow Wilson's major acts against trusts. Trusts and trust-busting were significant political concerns during the Progressive Era.


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