ForeverGreen vs. Pruvit – Ketopia (Ketone) Lawsuit

Ron Williams, CEO, ForeverGreen, FG Xpress


Ron Williams, CEO ForeverGreen / FG Xpress has send out below letter.

ForeverGreen was introduced to the ketone technology over two years ago. The introduction was made by Axcess Global, which is the licensor of the university created technology and the patented ketone method for weight management. Excited about the opportunity and excited about the good the technology can be to the world, ForeverGreen worked with Axcess Global to bring ketone products to the market.

As a crowning moment in this process ForeverGreen finalized fully authorized and signed contracts with Axcess Global, the university, and the creator of the weight management patent. These signed agreements provide ForeverGreen the rights and responsibilities to provide weight management and ketone products to the world. This is a privilege ForeverGreen holds at great value. While ForeverGreen is disappointed the situation will require intervention by a court of law, ForeverGreen is pleased to be able to protect its contractual rights.

Ron Williams:

I write this letter in hopes that it finds you in the space of neutrality, unfiltered, and with a desire to be empowered by truth. I also seek forgiveness of those who have questioned my patience, delivery and silence on this matter, which I would refer to more as discipline. Our legal team is paid to do a job, and that job is to protect our Members, shareholders, investors, and perhaps more importantly, the innocent people that make up the majority of this great industry. 

This is not personal; it’s business. Two wrongs don’t make a right. WE ARE TAKING THE HIGH ROAD. I have no chronic history of industry ugliness in my decades of executive experience. In fact, I suggest you do a professional background check on all parties involved, starting with me. 

Our gut or our God-given discernment will always speak truth. The bigger question? Are we truly listening? Or do we intoxicate ourselves with delusion, for greed or carnal desire? Notice if it’s truth you’re after, or the pride of being right. Then, one must ask, how many more casualties to the innocent, the ignorant, who are pawns or martyrs from the so-called ‘friendly fire’. It is my hope and prayer that we all learn from this.

I see this incident as an opportunity for all to be victim no more, standing for what we say we want industry-wide, no longer chasing ambulances or following boy bands singing their lottery songs and one-hit wonders. The opportunity I speak of? Let today be the day that your industry wisdom becomes your industry diploma.

In the end, the judge will choose their fate. After all, it’s not OUR fate in question. In the meantime, listen to your heart. Let go of anger. Surrender to the idea that energy doesn’t lie. In my humble opinion, in this specific case, the energy and facts that are presented line up to exactness. Hence, sadly, many have been blinded in the flurry of smoke and mirrors. We all know that when we don’t know what we don’t know, we may be legally vulnerable.

Our attorneys are paid to protect what the law provides and to pursue every legal remedy available. This is not personal. This is strictly professional. ForeverGreen is, and always has been, about peace, co-creation and compassion. Me? I can forgive and forget on a dime. I am taking the high road because two wrongs don’t make a right, and there is no need to change my feathers whenever I encounter a new species. 

Don’t get me wrong, I too am flawed. Yet, I am grateful that God blessed me with strength, patience and creativity. Even through all of the public misperception, I have chosen not to trade that in for the ugliness of anger and hate. Maybe this time, kindness was mistaken for weakness. I was born as competitive as it gets, and I can’t change that. If you’re born with it, you die with it… it never leaves. 

We’ve now shipped and continue to ship thousands of Ketopia orders daily. I welcome LEGAL competition. Here, that’s not the issue. The issue is standing only for the greater good of all, industry-wide. Too many chronic indiscretions have started to become the norm in our industry. So maybe this isn’t just a ForeverGreen and Pruvit issue; maybe this is an industry issue.

In this industry and every industry, those of us that can stand should stand together and stop turning a blind eye to the inappropriate behavior of those trying to wrongfully compete with companies that are trying to do it the right way. 

I wish no personal harm upon Terry LaCore or Brian Underwood as they work to provide for their beautiful families. But what happened here, in my experience, was blatant and specific. I would ask all to pray for peace, harmony, and/or justice. But don’t stop there. Start being peace, harmony, and stand for truth, one person at a time.

I pledge again my commitment to justice and returning all paid-for and fully-signed rights to its industry origin, and that origin is ForeverGreen. In the past I have reached out to the other party in an effort to create a compromise. The ForeverGreen hand is still, and always will be, outstretched.

In closing, my come from in writing this letter is to stand for peace, compromise and justice. Where thoughts go, energy flows! What we resist persists, and if all of us continue to think ugly, be ugly and create ugly, then ugly will be our reality. But, if one person at a time, we take a stand for peace, compromise and justice, then I am holding that possibility for all.

Ron Williams- Founder, Chairman & CEO ForeverGreen Worldwide

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