Network Marketing Is Booming In Iran

John Milton Fogg


For the first time in 37 years, an American will be speaking to a live audience in Iran. The speaker is John Milton Fogg. The subject is Network Marketing. And Payam Moghim and his colleagues are the people making it happen.

Payam and his partners are producing 6 events in Tehran and two other Iranian cities featuring John Fogg this November, 2015: GET RICH SLOW and what makes it the fastest way of all, and the subject of John's next book, Speaking & Listening: Life Is a Conversation.

“The first person that comes to Iran and speaks about MLM,” Payam said, “must be the one who sold 3 million copies of the book that changed so many people's life around the world— including me.”

Payam has translated two of John Fogg's books into Persian: The Greatest Networker in the World and, with his colleague Nima Arabshahi, It's Time… For Network Marketing. He's currently working on his own book, The Greatest Networker in Iran.

At just 30 years old, Payam is co-founder of the Hadi Business School, which focuses exclusively on Network Marketing. He's also one of the co-founders of IDSN— Iranian Direct Selling News— Iran's first magazine devoted to the Direct Sales & Network Marketing business model. He's been researching Network Marketing for more than 11 years and holds a Master's degree in marketing management. His thesis was a study of the feasibility of using MLM in distribution of cosmetics and hygienic products in Iran.

“I tried to talk to so many experienced people in the United States and around the world about Network Marketing, Payam said,.”but no one had open arms for me like John. He took me seriously and kept asking 'What can I do to help?' His view about Iranian people and Network Marketing is perfect for us.”

“More than just having a passionate hunger for positive change,” John Fogg said, “the best of the Iranian people I know possess an entrepreneurial spirit, the ethics of working hard and smart, an an inborn sense of what is right and fair, moral and just. Anything less simply has not endured in the history of the people of Persia.

“Network Marketing is the most open and flexible business model ever created. It available to anyone regardless of their education, past success or failure, sex, race, age… It is THE freest form of free-enterprise. It rewards what is best in both an individual's personal and professional values. It does not tolerate settling for less, self-centered practices or manipulative methods.

Most of all, Network Marketing rewards Servant Leadership. That's why I believe it was made for Iranians.” And there's some unfortunate history of MLM in Iran to overcome. “Network Marketing here begins from end of the 90s,” Payam said. “Like every new thing that comes to a country, it was misunderstood.” What made MLM's early days even more difficult, was that the companies that came and operated there were mostly pyramid scams or chain letter schemes.”

From 2002 to 2009, a foreign company that Payam declines to name enrolled more than 4 million Iranian people. “They took a billion dollars from those people and gave them nothing!”

Payam said, “And worse was that local companies started to do the same thing.” The result was that the government and the parliament passed a strict law that identified almost all Networking businesses as pyramid schemes and therefore “criminal activity.” It wasn't until 2010 that the the government officially passed regulations that allowed legitimate companies to acquire a license to conduct Network Marketing activity.

“It was a good start,” Payam said, “but our lack of experience and the absence of large, established International companies in Iran, because of sanctions and bad foreign relationships, these local companies had to do everything by try and error.”

As an example, Iranian's thought that if a company has a fair compensation plan and has a good product then they wouldn't have any problems. “But then we learned about a new trouble, “Payam said. “Called Front loading!” “I think it is only a year that true Network Marketing has been introduced to the people of
Iran,” Payam said. “Today, MLM is becoming more legitimate— and more competitive.

And in competition there is progress. And in the progress there is lot of joy, money and positive developments. The government sees Network Marketing as a help to the unemployment, which is currently a real problem. But I emphasize that this only the beginning and we are just getting started.”

Payam said, “Like Martin Luther King's speech, I have a dream. There will come a day that Iran is at the top of Network Marketing mountain in the Middle East.” You can connect with Payam Moghim on his Facebook page:

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