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Rita Keikei, C.Y., Ambit Energy


Rita Keikei and C.Y are immigrants from Hong Kong.  When they were in Hong Kong, C.Y. owned an advertising production company and Rita owned an import/export trading company.

About eighty percent of the pop concert stages in Hong Kong were produced by CY’s company and almost all the big events’ production in Hong Kong such as International Fashion show, Miss Asia Pacific Quest, Hong Kong New Year Parade, the handover ceremony of Hong Kong returning to China etc. were operated by his company. They had a good life. 

After Hong Kong returned to China in 1997, many people immigrated to other countries.  They, too, came to the United States.  This is what they had to say about their Network Marketing journey:

Rita and C.Y:

We decided to go back to college, get a degree then find a job.  After graduation, I worked for a company for almost a year and CY went back to Shanghai, China, to work for a property development company as a project manager; still, we didn’t see it was worth working for someone else. 

Therefore, we decided to do business again. We started looking for business opportunities, researched and studied the ones that we had experience with and expertise in and, actually tried some of them. However, we still could not find one that we could really settle in with.  After so many years of experience in business, we had set up 3 major criteria in considering a business opportunity.

  • No big financial investment (at our age, we could not afford any big financial losses anymore)
  • Not owned by the business (After we came to US, we saw many small business owners working long hour shifts every day, to me they were not the business owners but the slaves of their businesses)
  • Under my own control (we understood very well the troubles and headaches in partnership, and we didn’t want that anymore). Of course, with all these strict criteria, it would be not easy to find one.  However, we didn’t give up.

Fortunately, we finally run into Ambit.  We were not interested at all at the beginning when my friend told me that there was a network marketing opportunity in energy, because one of our friends had bad experience with ACN. About two months later, the friend called me again telling me that a big leader from New York came to promote Ambit.

I was reluctant to go, but promised to drop by if I had time. CY and I went and arrived almost at the end of the BP.  I talked with EC Henry Ye after the BP and asked him some questions. He sent me an email about the energy opportunity and Ambit.

I studied the materials and asked Henry some more questions, and then we decided to join. We were so excited to find Ambit that met all the criteria that we set forth, plus with such great potentials, and if it worked, it would be the biggest business opportunity we had ever encountered.

At the beginning, we treated Ambit like another traditional business and found that it was not as simple as we expected. There was lot of rumors, misunderstandings, and negative commons out there in the market. We felt so frustrated that people who joined Ambit encountering those objections and obstacles quickly quit.

We gradually realized that this was truly a PEOPLE business. Our job was to educate our customers, consultants, and to help the consultants to see the opportunity.  We understood that we wouldn't succeed without a team. So, we quickly engaged in personal development, used positive thinking to lead our team, encourage them to strive for their time and financial freedom.  

We are so glad that we made a wise decision to join Ambit and are so grateful to our co-founders, Jerry Thompson and Chris Chambless who designed the Ambit vehicle to help ordinary people. During our Ambit journey, we saw another even more meaningful thing that Ambit opportunity has brought us besides financial freedom — friends and friendship!  We have made more and more friends and this have enriched our life – we are not doing a solo business anymore, instead helping people change their lives.

We feel blessed for being members of Steve Thompson's team and would like to express our special thanks to EC Henry Ye for his great leadership and his guidance all the way through our Ambit journey with which we have gained great improvement in personal development. We have become better listeners, cheer leaders, and positive thinkers.

My advice to the people who are looking for opportunity and positive changes: Ambit system is designed for people helping people. It is not a get rich overnight scheme, but a real and solid business that has to take time to build up; so stay focus and believe to achieve.

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