Hayford Adjei – Top Industry Leader Joins SPX Nutrition

Hayford Adjei, SPX Nutrition,


The face of network marketing in Ghana, Hayford Adjei, has chosen SPX Nutrition as his home and vehicle to help millions of people reach success in network marketing.

Adjei is a passion-filled home-based entrepreneur, coach, world traveler and a leader in the network marketing industry with 25 years of industry experience. He is highly success-driven and lives to inspire growth and action in others. He is a mentor and a true servant leader.

He is the founder of FordNet International Ltd, a leadership and personal development training company. MLM leaders who have been to his events appreciate his energy, vision and commitment to helping their businesses grow. He continues to create programs, materials and promotions to better support people and their businesses.

Due to the life-changing impact of his weekend seminars on many leaders in direct sales, he has been called ‘face of network marketing’ in Ghana.

Adjei applied his talent, skill and hard work into achieving extraordinary results with his first MLM company. He was asked to take on the role of Head of Sales and Marketing in that company, a position he happily accepted. He later resigned to pioneer the growth of a company where he remained the top distributor for over a decade, qualifying for every possible incentive, traveling the world and creating the most sought after weekend seminars.

Rick Wall, CEO SPX NutritionHayford Adjei has built a distribution network of thousands of distributors over the years and has become a mentor to many. He has observed the many struggles that often prevent people from having success in this industry due to certain road blocks. He felt that there had to be a better way.

He began a quest to find that ultimate company that truly removes the barriers that hinder the progress of the average person in the industry.

“After meeting the corporate team of SPX Nutrition and studying the SPX corporate culture, I discovered that the corporate values at SPX Nutrition are founded on fun, excellence, ethics and integrity.

I believe SPX Nutrition is finally a place to call home, where millions of people can be helped to create the kind of legacy that is available in network marketing. I want to help make this world a better place,” said Adjei.

“Hayford joins SPX Nutrition’s corporate team as the operations director for the African international market.

Hayford's experience and professional reputation among the network marketing industry helps validate and ensure the success of our company as we continue to expand throughout the African continent” says SPX Nutrition’s CEO Rick Wall.

About SPX Nutrition

The goal of SPX Nutrition is to energize and transform as many lives as possible with both the most powerful, revolutionary wellness products and business opportunity on the market. SPX Nutrition continues to add proprietary life-changing products to their already stellar lineup.

SPX Nutrition prides itself on offering safe, effective, all natural, gluten-free and non-synthetic health supplements.  The compensation plan for Independent Professionals is a hybrid uni-level plan geared towards paying higher commissions up front designed to get its business partners into profit quickly.

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