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Korean beauty and wellness direct selling company Global Atomy plans to establish operations in the Philippines with the opening of outlets in Cebu and Manila next year.

Sophia Lee, Global Atomy authorized distributor in the Philippines, said the proposed Cebu Top Center is targeted to open in January next year.

The Manila center will also open sometime next year.

Atomy, Inc. was established in 2009, offering products developed by Kolmar BNH (sbt).

Among its product offerings are skincare, personal care, home care and healthcare products.

Lee said they have started promoting the products and inviting members to sign up since last month.

“Now we have over 300 members. Once we have the Cebu Top Center fully set up, we’d like to get more Filipino members because we are confident that they will like the products. Membership is free,” she said.

Aside from the Philippines, other countries that Atomy plans to enter next year are Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.

The company entered Malaysia in October this year. Atomy is being marketed in Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, United States and Canada.

“By 2019, Global Atomy aims to be in 30 countries,” Lee said.


About Atomy

Atomy Inc was founded in 2004 as a Korean network marketing company specializing in cosmetics and beauty products. Atomy has become the top Korean network marketing company in Korea in sales volume, and is contending for second place among all network marketing companies in Korea. Atomy expanded globally beginning with USA in 2010, followed by Canada, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore. Currently, the company has over 200,000 international members.


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